Words ending with hore

5 letter words ending with hore

  • chore — A chore is a task that you must do but that you find unpleasant or boring.
  • shoreJane, 1445?–1527, mistress of Edward IV of England.
  • whore — a person who engages in promiscuous sex for money; prostitute.
  • bay shore — a town on the S shore of Long Island, in SE New York.
  • eastern shore — the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay, including parts of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

6 letter words ending with hore

  • -chore — (in botany) indicating a plant distributed by a certain means
  • -phore — indicating a person or thing that bears or produces
  • ashore — Someone or something that comes ashore comes from the sea onto the shore.
  • johore — a state in Malaysia, on S Malay Peninsula. 7330 sq. mi. (18,985 sq. km).
  • lahore — a former province in NW British India: now divided between India and Pakistan.

7 letter words ending with hore

  • asthore — my treasure: a term of endearment
  • bewhore — to treat as a whore
  • inshore — close or closer to the shore.
  • onshore — onto or in the direction of the shore from a body of water: a breeze blowing onshore.
  • oophore — (biology) A form of some ferns and mosses that bear sexual fruit.

8 letter words ending with hore

  • camwhore — a person who performs sexual or titillating acts in front of a webcam for the gratification of online customers who reward him or her with money or gifts
  • dogshore — any of several shores for holding the hull of a small or moderate-sized vessel in place after keel blocks and other shores are removed and until the vessel is launched.
  • isochore — Physics.. Also, isochor. Also called isometric, isometric line. for a given substance, a curve graphing temperature against pressure, when the volume of the substance is held constant.
  • manwhore — (slang) A man who sells his body for money; a male prostitute.
  • offshore — off or away from the shore: They pushed the boat offshore.

9 letter words ending with hore

  • aerophore — a device which supplies oxygen in order to aid breathing
  • angashore — a miserable person given to complaining
  • backshore — the area of a beach above the usual high tide mark
  • foreshore — the ground between the water's edge and cultivated land; land along the edge of a body of water.
  • gonophore — an asexually produced bud in hydrozoans that gives rise to the equivalent of a medusa.

10 letter words ending with hore

  • alongshore — close to, by, or along a shore
  • androphore — an extension of the receptacle carrying the androecium and the gynoecium, typical of the caper family (Capparidaceae)
  • anemochore — a plant in which the fruits or seeds are dispersed by wind
  • anthophore — an elongation of the receptacle of a flower between the calyx and corolla
  • carpophore — the central column surrounded by carpels in such flowers as the geranium

11 letter words ending with hore

  • chromophore — a group of atoms in a chemical compound that are responsible for the colour of the compound
  • craniophore — a device that holds a skull in place for measuring.
  • fluorophore — (biochemistry) A molecule or functional group which is capable of fluorescence.
  • gametophore — a part or structure bearing gametangia.
  • googlewhore — (Internet slang) To promote via Google; in particular, to do so by googlebombing.

12 letter words ending with hore

  • chondrophore — a medusoid hydrozoan that resembles a jellyfish
  • conidiophore — a simple or branched hypha that bears spores (conidia) in such fungi as Penicillium
  • galactophore — a galactophorous duct.
  • mastigophore — Any flagellate of the phylum Mastigophora.
  • rhynchophore — a member of the Rhynchophora, a former name for the superfamily of beetles (Curculionoidea) that comprises the weevils and bark beetles

13 letter words ending with hore

  • chromatophore — a cell in the skin of frogs, chameleons, etc, in which pigment is concentrated or dispersed, causing the animal to change colour
  • pneumatophore — Botany. a specialized structure developed from the root in certain plants growing in swamps and marshes, serving as a respiratory organ.
  • ship-to-shore — operating between a ship and the shore: a ship-to-shore radio.
  • spermatophore — a capsule surrounding a mass of spermatozoa, produced by the male of various animal species and transferred to the female.

14 letter words ending with hore

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