9-letter words that end in hip

  • adminship — The role of an administrator; administratorship.
  • arhatship — the state of having achieved enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal of Theravada Buddhists
  • blockship — a ship used to block a river or channel
  • blue chip — Blue chip stocks and shares are an investment which are considered fairly safe to invest in while also being profitable.
  • blue-chip — of, relating to, or constituting a blue chip.
  • cadetship — a student in a national service academy or private military school or on a training ship.
  • canonship — the position or office of canon; canonry.
  • chiefship — the post or situation of a chief
  • childship — The state or relation of being a child.
  • clerkship — The position or status of a clerk, especially in the legal profession.
  • coachwhip — a coachwhip snake
  • corn chip — a thin, crisp piece of snack food made from cornmeal.
  • countship — the rank or position of a count.
  • courtship — Courtship is the activity of courting or the time during which a man and a woman are courting.
  • devilship — the office, character, or person of the devil
  • donorship — a person who gives or donates.
  • drillship — a ship equipped with a drill rig and engaged in offshore oil and gas exploration, oceanographic research, etc.
  • drop-ship — to ship (goods) as a drop shipment: The books will be drop-shipped by the publisher to your home.
  • eldership — Seniority; the state or condition of being older.
  • fire ship — a vessel loaded with combustibles and explosives, ignited, and set adrift to destroy an enemy's ships or constructions.
  • flak ship — a ship heavily armed with anti-aircraft weapons, used to protect other vessels from air attack
  • giantship — the character, condition, or personality of a giant
  • guardship — a warship responsible for the safety of other ships in its company
  • guideship — the position of a guide
  • guildship — guild (defs 1, 2).
  • horsewhip — a whip for controlling horses.
  • judgeship — a public officer authorized to hear and decide cases in a court of law; a magistrate charged with the administration of justice.
  • jump ship — to desert, esp to leave a ship in which one is legally bound to serve
  • knaveship — a small proportion of milled grain that was due to the person who did the milling
  • lairdship — the condition of being a laird, or the rank of laird
  • lightship — a ship anchored in a specific location and displaying or flashing a very bright light for the guidance of ships, as in avoiding dangerous areas. Abbreviation: LS.
  • mayorship — the chief executive official, usually elected, of a city, village, or town.
  • microchip — chip1 (def 5).
  • minorship — the state of being a minor
  • motorship — a ship driven by a diesel or other internal-combustion engine.
  • neurochip — a semiconductor chip designed for use in an electronic neural network
  • ownership — the state or fact of being an owner.
  • priorship — the office of a prior
  • pupilship — the state of being a pupil
  • queenship — the state, office, or dignity of a queen.
  • rajahship — the office or territory of a rajah
  • ridership — the passengers who use a given public transportation system, as buses or trains, or the number of such passengers.
  • rivalship — rivalry
  • rogueship — the state or quality of being a rogue or rogueish
  • rulership — the act or fact of ruling or the state of being ruled: Foreign rulership of the country began in the 18th century.
  • saintship — the qualities or status of a saint.
  • scaldship — the office of a scald or an ancient Scandinavian poet or bard
  • skaldship — the office of an ancient Scandinavian poet
  • spaceship — spacecraft.
  • steamship — a large commercial vessel, especially one driven by steam.

On this page, we collect all 9-letter words ending in HIP. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 9-letter word that ends in HIP to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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