Words ending with gia

5 letter words ending with gia

  • logia — a plural of logion.
  • vigia — a navigational hazard whose existence or position is uncertain.
  • aqua regia — a yellow fuming corrosive mixture of one part nitric acid and three to four parts hydrochloric acid, used in metallurgy for dissolving metals, including gold

6 letter words ending with gia

  • -algia — denoting pain or a painful condition of the part specified
  • alogia — the inability to speak
  • borgia — Cesare (ˈtʃezare), son of Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI). 1475–1507, Italian cardinal, politician, and military leader; model for Machiavelli's The Prince
  • foggia — a city in SE Italy.
  • fungia — Any member of the coral genus Fungia.

7 letter words ending with gia

8 letter words ending with gia

  • -rrhagia — (in pathology) an abnormal discharge or flow
  • analogia — a lectern.
  • apologia — An apologia is a statement in which you defend something that you strongly believe in, for example a way of life, a person's behaviour, or a philosophy.
  • beringia — the former land bridge between Siberia & Alas., over which Asian animals and peoples migrated into North America
  • cambogia — gamboge (def 1).

9 letter words ending with gia

  • adephagia — bulimia (def 1).
  • aquilegia — columbine
  • astrangia — a genus of corals forming small, encrusting colonies, found in shallow waters off both coasts of the U.S.
  • asynergia — lack of coordination between muscles or parts, as occurs in cerebellar disease
  • causalgia — a burning sensation along the course of a peripheral nerve together with local changes in the appearance of the skin

10 letter words ending with gia

  • acyrologia — (rhetoric) inexact, inappropriate or improper use of a word.
  • aerophagia — spasmodic swallowing of air, a habit that can lead to belching and stomach pain
  • arthralgia — pain in a joint
  • autophagia — sustenance by self-absorption of the tissues of the body
  • billbergia — any bromeliad of the tropical American genus Billbergia, having stiff leaves and flowers with showy, variously colored bracts.

11 letter words ending with gia

  • brachialgia — pain in the nerves of the upper arm.
  • cephalalgia — headache (def 1).
  • cervicalgia — Neck pain.
  • coprophagia — feeding on dung, as certain beetles.
  • cycloplegia — paralysis of the muscles that adjust the shape of the lens of the eye, resulting in loss of ability to focus

12 letter words ending with gia

  • abdominalgia — (medical) Abdominal pain.
  • cardioplegia — deliberate arrest of the action of the heart, as by hypothermia or the injection of chemicals, to enable complex heart surgery to be carried out
  • fibromyalgia — a syndrome characterized by fatigue and chronic pain in the muscles and in tissues surrounding the joints.
  • metrorrhagia — nonmenstrual discharge of blood from the uterus; uterine hemorrhage.
  • myoneuralgia — myalgia.

13 letter words ending with gia

  • aerodontalgia — a toothache caused by lowered barometric pressure, as in high-altitude flight.
  • chthonophagia — (disease) A disease characterized by the impulsive consumption of dirt, observed in some parts of the southern United States as well as the West Indies.
  • encephalalgia — pain in the head; headache
  • gastrorrhagia — (medical) A hemorrhage from the stomach, also known as a gastric hemorrhage.
  • megasporangia — a sporangium containing megaspores.

14 letter words ending with gia

15 letter words ending with gia

  • erythromelalgia — A rare neurovascular peripheral pain disorder in which blood vessels, usually in the lower extremities or hands, are episodically blocked, then become hyperemic and inflamed.
  • ophthalmoplegia — Paralysis of the muscles within or surrounding the eye.

16 letter words ending with gia

  • menometrorrhagia — (pathology) Excessive uterine bleeding occurring outside of the normal menstrual period.

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