Words ending with ght

4 letter words ending with ght

  • ight — (obsolete) possession.

5 letter words ending with ght

  • aight — (AAVE, slang) All right.
  • aught — anything at all; anything whatever (esp in the phrase for aught I know)
  • bight — a wide indentation of a shoreline, or the body of water bounded by such a curve
  • dight — Archaic. to dress; adorn.
  • eight — Equivalent to the product of two and four; one more than seven, or two less than ten; 8.

6 letter words ending with ght

  • -tight — not letting (something specified) in or out
  • alight — If something is alight, it is burning.
  • anight — at or by night
  • aright — correctly; rightly; properly
  • blight — You can refer to something as a blight when it causes great difficulties, and damages or spoils other things.

7 letter words ending with ght

  • abought — simple past tense and past participle of aby.
  • aheight — at a significant height
  • almight — (obsolete) almighty.
  • alright — all right
  • awright — (slang, informal) Okay; indication of approval. Variant colloquial form of \"all right\". Sometimes \"awight\" or \"ah'ight\".

8 letter words ending with ght

  • acquight — to acquit
  • affright — to frighten
  • airlight — light scattered or diffused in the air by dust, haze, etc., especially as it limits the visibility of distant, dark objects by causing them to blend with the background sky.
  • airtight — If a container is airtight, its lid fits so tightly that no air can get in or out.
  • albrightHorace Marden [mahrd-n] /ˈmɑrd n/ (Show IPA), 1890–1987, U.S. conservationist and cofounder of the National Park Service.

9 letter words ending with ght

  • affreight — to charter (a ship) as a freight carrier.
  • all-night — open, available or operating throughout the night
  • all-right — safe; sound: Are you all right?
  • alt-right — (in the US) a political movement whose supporters hold extreme right-wing views and reject mainstream politics
  • arkwright — Sir Richard. 1732–92, English cotton manufacturer: inventor of the spinning frame (1769) which produced cotton thread strong enough to be used as a warp

10 letter words ending with ght

  • afterlight — the light visible in the sky after sunset; afterglow.
  • airfreight — a method or service for transporting cargo by air
  • atomweight — (martial arts, combat sports) the weightclass below strawweight of less than 105lbs.
  • be-thought — simple past tense and past participle of bethink.
  • bestraught — distraught; distracted

11 letter words ending with ght

  • backdraught — a reverse movement of air, gas, or liquid
  • birthweight — the weight of an infant at birth.
  • candlelight — Candlelight is the light that a candle produces.
  • catchweight — of or relating to a contest in which normal weight categories have been waived by agreement
  • dear-bought — having been purchased at great expense

12 letter words ending with ght

  • aforethought — premeditated (esp in the phrase malice aforethought)
  • afterthought — If you do or say something as an afterthought, you do or say it after something else as an addition, perhaps without careful thought.
  • bantamweight — A bantamweight is a boxer who weighs between 51 and 53.5 kilograms, or a wrestler who weighs between 52 and 57 kilograms. A bantamweight is heavier than a flyweight but lighter than a featherweight.
  • counterlight — a light opposite something, such as a painting, that negatively affects the appearance of that object
  • featherlight — extremely light; light as a feather.

13 letter words ending with ght

  • counterweight — A counterweight is an action or proposal that is intended to balance or counter other actions or proposals.
  • cruiserweight — A cruiserweight is another name for a light heavyweight.
  • featherweight — a boxer or other contestant intermediate in weight between a bantamweight and a lightweight, especially a professional boxer weighing up to 126 pounds (57 kg).
  • hundredweight — Also called cental, quintal. a unit of avoirdupois weight commonly equivalent to 100 pounds (45.359 kilograms) in the U.S. Abbreviation: cwt.
  • kirkcudbright — a historic county in SW Scotland.

14 letter words ending with ght

  • microfortnight — One millionth of the fundamental unit of time in the Furlong/Firkin/Fortnight system of measurement; 1.2096 sec. (A furlong is 1/8th of a mile; a firkin is 1/4th of a barrel; the mass unit of the system is taken to be a firkin of water). The VMS operating system has a lot of tuning parameters that you can set with the SYSGEN utility, and one of these is TIMEPROMPTWAIT, the time the system will wait for an operator to set the correct date and time at boot if it realises that the current value is bogus. This time is specified in microfortnights! Multiple uses of the millifortnight (about 20 minutes) and nanofortnight have also been reported.

15 letter words ending with ght

  • fight-or-flight — denoting instinctive response
  • mid-heavyweight — a professional wrestler weighing 199–209 pounds (91–95 kg)
  • sound-and-light — combining sound effects or music with unusual lighting displays: to promote a product with a spectacular sound-and-light presentation.

16 letter words ending with ght

17 letter words ending with ght

  • lady-of-the-night — a tropical American shrub, Brunfelsia americana, of the nightshade family, having berrylike yellow fruit and fragrant white flowers.

19 letter words ending with ght

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