Words ending with fe

2 letter words ending with fe

3 letter words ending with fe

  • cfe — College of Further Education
  • dfe — Department for Education
  • gfe — girlfriend experience
  • ife — a town in SW Nigeria.
  • mfe — maximal free expression

4 letter words ending with fe

  • cafe — A café is a place where you can buy drinks, simple meals, and snacks, but, in Britain, not usually alcoholic drinks.
  • cife — Colleges and Institutes for Further Education
  • elfe — A female elf, a fairy, nymph.
  • fife — Also called Fifeshire [fahyf-sheer, -sher] /ˈfaɪf ʃɪər, -ʃər/ (Show IPA). a historic county in E Scotland.
  • hafe — Eye dialect of have.

5 letter words ending with fe

  • alife — Artificial Life
  • buffe — plate armor for the lower part of the face and the throat, used with a burgonet.
  • chafe — If your skin chafes or is chafed by something, it becomes sore as a result of something rubbing against it.
  • cuffePaul, 1759–1817, U.S. merchant, seaman, and philanthropist: advocated U.S. black emigration to Africa.
  • gaffe — a social blunder; faux pas.

6 letter words ending with fe

  • a-life — Artificial Life
  • bouffe — opéra bouffe
  • carafe — A carafe is a glass container in which you serve water or wine.
  • coiffe — to coiffure
  • getafe — a city in central Spain.

7 letter words ending with fe

  • agraffe — a fastening consisting of a loop and hook, formerly used in armour and clothing
  • alewife — a North American fish, Pomolobus pseudoharengus, similar to the herring Clupea harengus: family Clupeidae (herrings)
  • enchafe — to heat up; irritate
  • ex-wife — woman: former spouse
  • giraffe — a tall, long-necked, spotted ruminant, Giraffa camelopardalis, of Africa: the tallest living quadruped animal.

8 letter words ending with fe

  • antilife — opposed to living in harmony with the natural order
  • aycliffe — a town in Co Durham: founded as a new town in 1947. Pop (including Newton Aycliffe): 25 655 (2001)
  • birdlife — The birdlife in a place is all the birds that live there.
  • failsafe — Electronics. pertaining to or noting a mechanism built into a system, as in an early warning system or a nuclear reactor, for insuring safety should the system fail to operate properly.
  • farmwife — the wife of a farmer

9 letter words ending with fe

  • afterlife — The afterlife is a life that some people believe begins when you die, for example a life in heaven or as another person or animal.
  • broadwife — a female slave whose husband was owned by another master.
  • cauldrife — susceptible to cold; chilly
  • cybercafe — A cybercafé is a café where people can pay to use the Internet.
  • drawknife — a knife with a handle at each end at right angles to the blade, used by drawing over a surface.

10 letter words ending with fe

  • auto-da-fe — a ceremony of the Spanish Inquisition including the pronouncement and execution of sentences passed on sinners or heretics
  • breadknife — a knife, usually with a serrated blade, used for cutting slices from a loaf of bread
  • cyberknife — a laser surgery technique which uses a mobile robotic arm to target tumours, etc, more effectively than conventional radiotherapy
  • jack-knife — a large pocketknife.
  • paperknife — a small, often decorative, knifelike instrument with a blade of metal, ivory, wood, or the like, for slitting open envelopes, the leaves of books, folded papers, etc.

11 letter words ending with fe

  • flick-knife — switchblade.
  • loosestrife — any of various plants belonging to the genus Lysimachia, of the primrose family, having clusters of usually yellow flowers, as L. vulgaris (garden loosestrife) or L. quadrifolia (whorled loosestrife)
  • northcliffeViscount, Alfred Charles William Harmsworth.
  • pocketknife — a knife with one or more blades that fold into the handle, suitable for carrying in the pocket.
  • pousse-cafe — an after-dinner drink of liqueurs of various colors and specific gravities, carefully poured into a glass so as to remain floating in separate layers.

13 letter words ending with fe

  • internet-cafe — a café, coffee bar, etc., that offers Internet access on its own computers or on customer's laptops, usually for a fee.
  • nurse-midwife — a nurse skilled in assisting women in the prenatal period and in childbirth, especially at home or in another nonhospital setting.
  • right-to-life — pertaining to or advocating laws making abortion, especially abortion-on-demand, illegal; antiabortion: right-to-life advocates.
  • slice-of-life — of, relating to, or being a naturalistic, unembellished representation of real life: a play with slice-of-life dialogue.

15 letter words ending with fe

  • quality-of-life — affecting the quality of urban life: such quality-of-life crimes as fare-beating and graffiti writing.

16 letter words ending with fe

  • larger-than-life — exceedingly imposing, impressive, or memorable, especially in appearance or forcefulness: a larger-than-life leader.

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