Words ending with eve

3 letter words ending with eve

  • eve — Extensible VAX Editor
  • adam and eve — the puttyroot.
  • allhallows eve — Halloween.
  • christmas eve — Christmas Eve is the 24th of December, the day before Christmas Day.
  • midsummer eve — the evening preceding Midsummer Day: formerly believed to be a time when witches and other supernatural beings caused widespread mischief.

4 letter words ending with eve

  • meve — Obsolete spelling of move.
  • neve — granular snow accumulated on high mountains and subsequently compacted into glacial ice.
  • seve — the characteristic flavor and body of a wine.
  • weve — (informal, nonstandard) Alternative form of we've.
  • yeve — to give

5 letter words ending with eve

  • bleve — A BLEVE is an explosion caused by a liquid which is boiling and continuing to produce a flammable vapor.
  • breve — an accent, (˘), placed over a vowel to indicate that it is of short duration or is pronounced in a specified way
  • cleve — Per Teodor [par tey-aw-dawr] /pær ˈteɪ ɔˌdɔr/ (Show IPA), 1840–1905, Swedish chemist.
  • deeve — to cause deafness in (a person) with loud noise
  • keeve — (brewing) A vat or tub in which the mash is made; a mash tub.

6 letter words ending with eve

  • alieve — (philosophy, psychology) To subconsciously feel as if something is true, even if one does not believe it; to hold an alief.
  • cleeve — a cliff
  • enleve — having been abducted
  • geneve — French name of Geneva.
  • greeve — (UK dialectal) A reeve; steward.

7 letter words ending with eve

  • achieve — If you achieve a particular aim or effect, you succeed in doing it or causing it to happen, usually after a lot of effort.
  • believe — If you believe that something is true, you think that it is true, but you are not sure.
  • btrieve — 1.   (company)   BTRIEVE Technologies, Inc.. 2.   (tool)   A trademark of BTRIEVE Technologies, Inc. for their ISAM index file manager for IBM PCs.
  • decieve — Misspelling of deceive.
  • occleve — Hoccleve.

8 letter words ending with eve

  • aggrieve — to grieve; distress; afflict
  • concieve — Misspelling of conceive.
  • congreve — William. 1670–1729, English dramatist, a major exponent of Restoration comedy; author of Love for Love (1695) and The Way of the World (1700)
  • engrieve — to cause grief to
  • hoccleveThomas, 1370–1450, English poet.

9 letter words ending with eve

  • champleve — of or relating to a process of enamelling by which grooves are cut into a metal base and filled with enamel colours
  • genevieveSaint, a.d. 422–512, French nun: patron saint of Paris.
  • outthieve — to surpass in stealing
  • parasceve — preparation
  • portreeve — the reeve of a port

10 letter words ending with eve

  • datatrieve — (database, language)   A query and report system for use with DEC's VMS (RMS, VAX Rdb/VMS or VAX DBMS).
  • disbelieve — to have no belief in; refuse or reject belief in: to disbelieve reports of UFO sightings.
  • foresleeve — the part of the sleeve covering the forearm.
  • misbelieve — to believe wrongly; hold an erroneous belief.
  • outachieve — (transitive) To surpass in achievement; to achieve more than.

11 letter words ending with eve

  • half-sleeve — a sleeve that reaches to around the elbow
  • makebelieve — Alternative form of make-believe.
  • overachieve — to perform, especially academically, above the potential indicated by tests of one's mental ability or aptitude.
  • shirtsleeve — not wearing a jacket; informally dressed: a shirt-sleeve mob.
  • trunksleeve — a sleeve that is puffed in shape or contains a large amount of fabric

12 letter words ending with eve

  • adam-and-eve — puttyroot
  • make-believe — pretense, especially of an innocent or playful kind; feigning; sham: the make-believe of children playing.
  • shirt-sleeve — not wearing a jacket; informally dressed: a shirt-sleeve mob.
  • underachieve — to perform, especially academically, below the potential indicated by tests of one's mental ability or aptitude.

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