10-letter words that end in et

  • a good bet — If you tell someone that something is a good bet, you are suggesting that it is the thing or course of action that they should choose.
  • air jacket — an air-filled envelope or compartment surrounding a machine or part to reduce the rate at which heat is transferred to or from it
  • air pocket — a localized region of low air density or a descending air current, causing an aircraft to suffer an abrupt decrease in height
  • air ticket — a ticket to travel on a commercial plane
  • analphabet — an illiterate person unfamiliar with the letters of the alphabet
  • antimarket — opposed to or working against commerce
  • aquaplanet — (astronomy) A planet having a considerable amount of surface water.
  • backstreet — a street in a town remote from the main roads
  • bakersheet — dripping pan.
  • bar magnet — a bar-shaped, usually permanent, magnet.
  • bath sheet — a large bath towel
  • bay street — the financial centre of Toronto, in which Canada's largest stock exchange is situated
  • bed jacket — a woman's short upper garment worn over a nightgown when sitting up in bed
  • beta sheet — a secondary structure occurring in many proteins, consisting of several polypeptide chains running in parallel or alternating directions and joined by intermolecular hydrogen bonds, creating a flexible, strong arrangement.
  • big ticket — costing a great deal; expensive: fur coats and other big-ticket items.
  • big-ticket — If you describe something as a big-ticket item, you mean that it costs a lot of money.
  • bit bucket — (jargon)   1. (Or "write-only memory", "WOM") The universal data sink (originally, the mythical receptacle used to catch bits when they fall off the end of a register during a shift instruction). Discarded, lost, or destroyed data is said to have "gone to the bit bucket". On Unix, often used for /dev/null. Sometimes amplified as "the Great Bit Bucket in the Sky". 2. The place where all lost mail and news messages eventually go. The selection is performed according to Finagle's Law; important mail is much more likely to end up in the bit bucket than junk mail, which has an almost 100% probability of getting delivered. Routing to the bit bucket is automatically performed by mail-transfer agents, news systems, and the lower layers of the network. 3. The ideal location for all unwanted mail responses: "Flames about this article to the bit bucket." Such a request is guaranteed to overflow one's mailbox with flames. 4. Excuse for all mail that has not been sent. "I mailed you those figures last week; they must have landed in the bit bucket." Compare black hole. This term is used purely in jest. It is based on the fanciful notion that bits are objects that are not destroyed but only misplaced. This appears to have been a mutation of an earlier term "bit box", about which the same legend was current; old-time hackers also report that trainees used to be told that when the CPU stored bits into memory it was actually pulling them "out of the bit box". Another variant of this legend has it that, as a consequence of the "parity preservation law", the number of 1 bits that go to the bit bucket must equal the number of 0 bits. Any imbalance results in bits filling up the bit bucket. A qualified computer technician can empty a full bit bucket as part of scheduled maintenance. In contrast, a "chad box" is a real container used to catch chad. This may be related to the origin of the term "bit bucket" [Comments ?].
  • black diet — deprivation of all food and water as a punishment, often leading to death.
  • blue beret — an informal name for a soldier of a United Nations peacekeeping force
  • bluebonnet — a broad, flat cap of blue woolen cloth, formerly worn in Scotland
  • bluejacket — a sailor in the Navy
  • bow street — a street in London, England: location of a metropolitan police court.
  • bradstreet — Anne (Dudley). ?1612–72, US poet, born in England: regarded as the first significant US poet
  • broadsheet — A broadsheet is a newspaper that is printed on large sheets of paper. Broadsheets are generally considered to be more serious than other newspapers. Compare tabloid.
  • buy-to-let — of or relating to the practice of buying a property to let to tenants rather than to live in onself
  • cantor set — the set obtained from the closed interval from 0 to 1 by removing the middle third from the interval, then the middle third from each of the two remaining sets, and continuing the process indefinitely.
  • cat basket — a basket used for transporting a cat
  • chardonnet — (Louis Marie) Hilaire Bernigaud (ilɛr bɛrniɡo), Comte de. 1839–1924, French chemist and industrialist who produced rayon, the first artificial fibre
  • cheapernet — (networking)   (Or "thinnet") A colloquial term for thin-wire Ethernet (10base2) that uses RG58 coaxial cable instead of the full-spec "Yellow Cable".
  • checksheet — Alternative form of check sheet.
  • closed set — a set that includes all the values obtained by application of a given operation to its members
  • cook inlet — an inlet of the Pacific on the coast of S Alaska: part of the Gulf of Alaska
  • crash diet — a strict diet which is intended to produce drastic results in a relatively short period
  • crib sheet — a sheet containing notes, etc, on a particular subject, used as a study aid
  • cut velvet — a fabric in which the looped pile has been cut. Compare velvet.
  • day ticket — a ticket that is valid for one day
  • dog basket — a basket for a dog to sleep in
  • dog violet — a violet, Viola canina, that grows in Europe and N Asia and has blue yellow-spurred flowers
  • dope sheet — a bulletin or list including the names of entries in various horse races, and including information on each entry, as the name, jockey, and past performances.
  • dope-sheet — a racing form, esp. one dealing with a program of races at one track
  • downmarket — Toward or relating to the cheaper or less prestigious sector of the market.
  • downstreet — Toward the lower part of a street.
  • draw-sheet — a sheet that can be easily removed from underneath a patient in a bed
  • dry offset — letterset.
  • dry socket — a painful inflammatory infection of the bone and tissues at the site of an extracted tooth.
  • dust sheet — A dust sheet is a large cloth which is used to cover objects such as furniture in order to protect them from dust.
  • dustjacket — Alternative form of dust jacket.
  • electrojet — a narrow belt of fast-moving ions in the ionosphere, under the influence of the earth's magnetic field, causing auroral displays
  • euromarket — economics
  • eye socket — Your eye sockets are the two hollow parts on either side of your face, where your eyeballs are.

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