Words ending with ere

3 letter words ending with ere

  • ere — Before (in time).

4 letter words ending with ere

  • bere — barley
  • cere — a soft waxy swelling, containing the nostrils, at the base of the upper beak in such birds as the parrot
  • dere — harm; injury; trouble
  • fere — a companion; mate.
  • here — in this place; in this spot or locality (opposed to there): Put the pen here.

5 letter words ending with ere

  • -mere — indicating a part or division
  • arere — backwards
  • chere — dear; beloved: used in referring to or addressing a woman or girl.
  • deereJohn, 1804–86, U.S. inventor and manufacturer of farm implements.
  • evere — Obsolete spelling of ever.

6 letter words ending with ere

  • 'twere — it were
  • adhere — If you adhere to an opinion or belief, you support or hold it.
  • ampere — An ampere is a unit which is used for measuring electric current. The abbreviation amp is also used.
  • cohere — If the different elements of a piece of writing, a piece of music, or a set of ideas cohere, they fit together well so that they form a united whole.
  • galère — group of people having a common interest

7 letter words ending with ere

  • -sphere — having the shape or form of a sphere
  • answere — Obsolete spelling of answer.
  • arriere — having a position that is in the rear
  • austere — If you describe something as austere, you approve of its plain and simple appearance.
  • berbere — a hot-tasting Ethiopian paste made from garlic, cayenne pepper, coriander, and other spices, often used in stews

8 letter words ending with ere

  • abampere — the cgs unit of current in the electromagnetic system; the constant current that, when flowing through two parallel straight infinitely long conductors 1 centimetre apart, will produce a force between them of 2 dynes per centimetre: equivalent to 10 amperes
  • antimere — a part or organ of a bilaterally or radially symmetrical organism that corresponds to a similar structure on the other side of the axis, such as the right or left limb of a four-legged animal
  • anywhere — You use anywhere in statements with negative meaning to indicate that a place does not exist.
  • bayadere — a dancing girl, esp one serving in a Hindu temple
  • bedivere — the loyal knight who is with the dying King Arthur and sees him off to Avalon

9 letter words ending with ere

  • adipocere — a waxlike fatty substance formed during the decomposition of corpses
  • belvedere — a building, such as a summerhouse or roofed gallery, sited to command a fine view
  • belvidere — a city in N Illinois.
  • biosphere — The biosphere is the part of the earth's surface and atmosphere where there are living things.
  • brassiere — A brassiere is the same as a bra.

10 letter words ending with ere

  • aerosphere — the entire atmosphere surrounding the earth
  • arthromere — any of the segments of the body of an arthropod
  • atmosphere — A planet's atmosphere is the layer of air or other gases around it.
  • barysphere — centrosphere (def 2).
  • blastomere — any of the cells formed by cleavage of a fertilized egg

11 letter words ending with ere

  • anglosphere — a group of English-speaking countries that share common roots in British culture and history, usually the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada
  • astrosphere — the part of the aster excluding the centrosome
  • bathysphere — a strong steel deep-sea diving sphere, lowered by cable
  • bersagliere — a member of a rifle regiment in the Italian Army
  • blogosphere — In computer technology, the blogosphere or the blogsphere is all the weblogs on the Internet, considered collectively.

12 letter words ending with ere

  • baluchithere — a hornless rhinoceros of the extinct genus Baluchitherium that inhabited central Asia during the Oligocene and early Miocene epochs: the largest land mammal known.
  • blastosphere — blastula
  • centrosphere — the portion of the centrosome surrounding the centriole; center of an aster
  • chalicothere — any of various very large extinct Tertiary horselike perissodactyl mammals that had clawed feet but otherwise resembled titanotheres
  • chiffonniere — a worktable of the 18th century, having several tiers of shallow drawers.

13 letter words ending with ere

  • amakwerekwere — a term used by Black people to refer to foreign Africans
  • asthenosphere — a thin semifluid layer of the earth (100–200 km thick), below the outer rigid lithosphere, forming part of the mantle and thought to be able to flow vertically and horizontally, enabling sections of lithosphere to subside, rise, and undergo lateral movement
  • magnetosphere — the outer region of the earth's ionosphere, where the earth's magnetic field controls the motion of charged particles, as in the Van Allen belts. Compare magnetopause.
  • porte-cochere — a covered carriage entrance leading into a courtyard.

14 letter words ending with ere

15 letter words ending with ere

28 letter words ending with ere

  • meter-kilogram-second-ampere — of or relating to the system of units in which the meter, kilogram, second, and ampere are the principal units of length, mass, time, and electric current. Abbreviation: mksa, MKSA.

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