16-letter words that end in ence

  • age of innocence — a novel (1920) by Edith Wharton.
  • audio conference — a meeting that is conducted by the use of audio telecommunications
  • autofluorescence — (biology, microscopy) Self-induced fluorescence.
  • capital sentence — the punishment of death for a crime
  • captive audience — a group of people who are unable by circumstances to avoid speeches, advertisements, etc
  • chain-link fence — a type of fence made of a mesh woven from steel wire
  • complex sentence — a sentence containing at least one main clause and one subordinate clause
  • computer science — the study of computers and their application
  • counter-violence — swift and intense force: the violence of a storm.
  • creation science — teaching and research based upon the belief that the biblical account of the creation of the world is scientific fact
  • criminal offence — an action which is punishable under the law
  • domestic science — home economics.
  • field dependence — a psychological trait associated with having an external locus of orientation (contrasted with field independence).
  • forensic science — the collection of several fields of science to the purposes of law
  • gross negligence — extreme carelessness that shows wilful or reckless disregard for the consequences to the safety or property of another
  • hearsay evidence — testimony based on what a witness has heard from another person rather than on direct personal knowledge or experience.
  • immunocompetence — having the potential for immunologic response; capable of developing immunity after exposure to antigen.
  • incorrespondence — Lack of correspondence; failure to correspond or match up; disagreement; disproportion.
  • leave of absence — permission to be absent from duty, employment, service, etc.; leave.
  • marriage licence — an official document stating that a marriage will be allowed to take place
  • military science — the study of the causative factors and tactical principles of warfare.
  • motoring offence — a crime committed which concerns driving
  • nominal sentence — a sentence consisting of a subject and complement without a linking verb, as Very interesting, those books.
  • north providence — a town in NE Rhode Island.
  • peace conference — a conference where representatives of warring governments or countries sign a treaty to end conflict
  • phase difference — the difference between two sinusoidally varying quantities that have the same frequency, measured either as an angle or a time
  • physical science — any of the natural sciences dealing with inanimate matter or with energy, as physics, chemistry, and astronomy.
  • postindependence — Also, independency. the state or quality of being independent.
  • pre-independence — Also, independency. the state or quality of being independent.
  • press conference — a prearranged interview with news reporters, held to elicit publicity or, as granted by a dignitary, public official, research scientist, etc., to fulfill a request from the press.
  • queen's evidence — evidence for the crown given by an accused person against his or her alleged accomplices.
  • run interference — an act, fact, or instance of interfering.
  • sales conference — meeting of salespeople
  • self-consequence — self-important character or quality; self-importance.
  • self-subsistence — the state or fact of subsisting.
  • sit on the fence — to be unable or unwilling to commit oneself
  • solar prominence — prominence (def 3).
  • sonoluminescence — the emission of a flash of light accompanying the bursting of a bubble in a liquid when sound waves are passed through the liquid.
  • state's evidence — evidence given by an accomplice in a crime who becomes a voluntary witness against the other defendants: The defendants' case was lost when one of them turned state's evidence.
  • topical-sentence — a sentence that expresses the essential idea of a paragraph or larger section, usually appearing at the beginning.
  • tower of silence — a circular stone platform, typically 30 feet (9.1 meter) in height, on which the Parsees of India leave their dead to be devoured by vultures.
  • video-conference — A video-conference is a meeting that takes place using video conferencing.
  • viewing audience — the audience reached by television

On this page, we collect all 16-letter words ending in ENCE. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 16-letter word that ends in ENCE to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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