Words ending with eem

4 letter words ending with eem

  • deem — If something is deemed to have a particular quality or to do a particular thing, it is considered to have that quality or do that thing.
  • meem — The letter \u0645 in the Arabic script.
  • neem — A tropical Old World tree that yields mahoganylike timber, oil, medicinal products, and insecticide.
  • seem — to appear to be, feel, do, etc.: She seems better this morning.
  • teem — to abound or swarm; be prolific or fertile (usually followed by with).

5 letter words ending with eem

  • adeem — to cancel or withdraw (a legal agreement)
  • cheem — (Singapore,informal) Deep; profound; complex.
  • gleem — Misspelling of gleam.

6 letter words ending with eem

  • addeem — to declare or determine, esp judicially
  • beseem — to be suitable for; befit
  • beteem — to accord or allow
  • esteem — Respect and admire.
  • hakeem — a male given name.

7 letter words ending with eem

  • berseem — a Mediterranean clover, Trifolium alexandrinum, grown as a forage crop and to improve the soil in the southwestern US and the Nile valley
  • misdeem — To misjudge, to deem wrongly.
  • misseem — misbecome.

8 letter words ending with eem

  • coredeem — to redeem together
  • overteem — to produce or breed excessively
  • unbeseem — to not suit or befit (someone)

9 letter words ending with eem

  • disesteem — to hold in low regard; think unfavorably of.
  • misbeseem — to be unsuitable for
  • misesteem — to fail to value or respect properly.

11 letter words ending with eem

  • self-esteem — a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.

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