Words ending with ect

3 letter words ending with ect

  • ect — electroconvulsive therapy

4 letter words ending with ect

  • dect — Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
  • lect — (linguistics, sociolinguistics) A specific form of a language or language cluster: a language or a dialect.
  • rect — receipt
  • sect — a body of persons adhering to a particular religious faith; a religious denomination.
  • clapham sect — a group of early 19th-century Church of England evangelicals advocating personal piety, the abolition of slavery, etc

5 letter words ending with ect

  • -lect — a variety within a language
  • -sect — to cut or divide, esp into a specified number of parts
  • eject — Force or throw (something) out, typically in a violent or sudden way.
  • elect — Choose (someone) to hold public office or some other position by voting.
  • erect — Rigidly upright or straight.

6 letter words ending with ect

  • abject — You use abject to emphasize that a situation or quality is extremely bad.
  • adject — (obsolete) To annex.
  • advect — (of air, water) to move horizontally
  • affect — If something affects a person or thing, it influences them or causes them to change in some way.
  • arrect — (of animals' ears) pricked up

7 letter words ending with ect

  • cathect — to invest mental or emotional energy in
  • coerect — to erect together
  • collect — If you collect a number of things, you bring them together from several places or from several people.
  • confect — to prepare by combining ingredients
  • conject — to conjecture

8 letter words ending with ect

  • acrolect — the most standard form of language
  • basilect — (in a region where creole is or has been spoken) the dialect closest to that creole and furthest removed from the most prestigious dialect (the acrolect) of the region
  • codirect — to direct jointly
  • coeffect — a secondary effect
  • coinfect — to infect (a person or animal) at the same time as another infection

9 letter words ending with ect

  • architect — An architect is a person who designs buildings.
  • decathect — to withdraw one's feelings of attachment from (a person, idea, or object), as in anticipation of a future loss: He decathected from her in order to cope with her impending death.
  • disaffect — to alienate the affection, sympathy, or support of; make discontented or disloyal: The dictator's policies had soon disaffected the people.
  • disinfect — to cleanse (rooms, wounds, clothing, etc.) of infection; destroy disease germs in.
  • ethnolect — A language variety specific to an ethnic group.

10 letter words ending with ect

  • disconnect — SCSI reconnect
  • disrespect — Lack of respect or courtesy.
  • genderlect — a type or style of speech used by a particular gender.
  • grapholect — an established and standardized written language
  • in-correct — not correct as to fact; inaccurate; wrong: an incorrect statement.

11 letter words ending with ect

  • aftereffect — The aftereffects of an event, experience, or substance are the conditions which result from it.
  • autocorrect — a function that attempts to correct errors made by the user when entering text into an electronic device
  • circumflect — to emphasize with a circumflex accent
  • circumspect — If you are circumspect, you are cautious in what you do and say and do not take risks.
  • counterfect — counterfeit

12 letter words ending with ect

  • after-effect — The after-effects of an event, experience, or substance are the conditions which result from it.
  • field-effect — designating or of an electronic component or device, esp. a transistor, controlled by an external electric field
  • hypercorrect — overly correct; excessively fastidious; fussy: hypercorrect manners.
  • interconnect — to connect with one another.
  • misrecollect — to recall to mind; recover knowledge of by memory; remember.

13 letter words ending with ect

  • preterperfect — the past perfect (grammatical) tense
  • uncircumspect — watchful and discreet; cautious; prudent: circumspect behavior.
  • write-protect — to protect (a recordable disk) from accidental erasure or change; to mark (a file or disk) so that its contents cannot be modified or deleted.

14 letter words ending with ect

  • counterproject — an opposing project or scheme
  • countersubject — (in a fugue) the theme in one voice that accompanies the statement of the subject in another
  • letter-perfect — knowing one's part, lesson, or the like, perfectly.
  • tyndall-effect — the visible path of light produced by the scattering action (Tyndall effect) of the particles in a colloidal solution on a beam of light passed through it.

15 letter words ending with ect

16 letter words ending with ect

  • cause-and-effect — noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.

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