Words ending with ebe

4 letter words ending with ebe

  • debe — a tin
  • hebe — Classical Mythology. a goddess of youth and spring, the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and wife of Hercules.
  • nebe — northeast by east
  • sebe — southeast by east

5 letter words ending with ebe

  • beebe — (Charles) William1877-1962; U.S. naturalist, explorer, & writer
  • glebe — Also called glebe land. Chiefly British. the cultivable land owned by a parish church or ecclesiastical benefice.
  • grebe — any diving bird of the family Podicipedidae, related to the loons, but having a rudimentary tail and lobate rather than webbed toes.
  • phebe — a female given name.
  • plebe — Also, pleb. (at the U.S. Military and Naval academies) a member of the freshman class.

6 letter words ending with ebe

  • achebe — Chinua. 1930–2013, Nigerian novelist. His works include Things Fall Apart (1958), A Man of the People (1966), and Anthills of the Savannah (1987)
  • ephebe — (in ancient Greece) a young man of 18-20 years undergoing military training.
  • kelebe — a mixing bowl, characterized by a wide neck and flanged lip from which extend two vertical handles to the shoulder of an oval body, used to mix wine and water.
  • phoebe — Classical Mythology. a Titan, daughter of Uranus and Gaea and mother of Leto, later identified with Artemis and with the Roman goddess Diana.

8 letter words ending with ebe

9 letter words ending with ebe

  • sun-grebe — any of a gruiform family (Heliornithidae) of shy, long-necked tropical birds living along streams, lakes, etc.

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