15-letter words that end in cy

  • adoption agency — an agency that matches children needing adoption with people willing to adopt
  • all-risk policy — An all-risk policy is an insurance policy that covers all loss or damage however it is caused, apart from any stated exceptions.
  • antiaristocracy — Opposed to the aristocracy.
  • antibureaucracy — Opposed to bureaucracy.
  • archiepiscopacy — a form of church government in which power is vested in archbishops.
  • assign a policy — If you assign a policy, you transfer legal ownership of an insurance policy to another person.
  • assured tenancy — an agreement between a government-approved body such as a housing association and a tenant for occupation of a newly-built house or flat at an agreed market rent, under which the tenant has security of tenure
  • audio frequency — a frequency in the range 20 hertz to 20 000 hertz. A sound wave of this frequency would be audible to the human ear
  • benefits agency — an agency that handles the payment of benefits
  • cache coherency — (storage)   (Or "cache consistency") /kash koh-heer'n-see/ The synchronisation of data in multiple caches such that reading a memory location via any cache will return the most recent data written to that location via any (other) cache. Some parallel processors do not cache accesses to shared memory to avoid the issue of cache coherency. If caches are used with shared memory then some system is required to detect when data in one processor's cache should be discarded or replaced because another processor has updated that memory location. Several such schemes have been devised.
  • cancel a policy — If you cancel a policy, you terminate a contract of insurance.
  • clock frequency — clock rate
  • common currency — If you say that an idea or belief has become common currency, you mean it is widely used and accepted.
  • core competency — a skill needed in order to be successful at a job or other activity: Several core competencies have been identified as critical to the success of every student.
  • countertendency — an opposite tendency
  • data redundancy — (data, communications, storage)   Any technique that stores or transmits extra, derived data that can be used to detect or repair errors, either in hardware or software. Examples are parity bits and the cyclic redundancy check. If the cost of errors is high enough, e.g. in a safety-critical system, redundancy may be used in both hardware AND software with three separate computers programmed by three separate teams ("triple redundancy") and some system to check that they all produce the same answer, or some kind of majority voting system. The term is not typically used for other, less beneficial, duplication of data. 2.   (communications)   The proportion of a message's gross information content that can be eliminated without losing essential information. Technically, redundancy is one minus the ratio of the actual uncertainty to the maximum uncertainty. This is the fraction of the structure of the message which is determined not by the choice of the sender, but rather by the accepted statistical rules governing the choice of the symbols in question.
  • eric conspiracy — (person, humour)   A shadowy group of moustachioed hackers named Eric first pinpointed as a sinister conspiracy by an infamous talk.bizarre posting ca. 1986. This was doubtless influenced by the numerous "Eric" jokes in the Monty Python oeuvre. There do indeed seem to be considerably more moustachioed Erics in hackerdom than the frequency of these three traits can account for unless they are correlated in some arcane way. Well-known examples include Eric Allman (of the "Allman style" described under indent style), Erik Fair (co-author of NNTP), Eric S. Raymond and about fifteen others. The organisation line "Eric Conspiracy Secret Laboratories" now emanates regularly from more than one site.
  • errand of mercy — a trip undertaken to help someone who is in trouble
  • false pregnancy — physiological signs of pregnancy without conception; pseudocyesis.
  • flight of fancy — An idea or statement that is very imaginative but complicated, silly, or impractical can be referred to as a flight of fancy.
  • floating policy — (in marine insurance) a policy that provides protection of a broad nature for shipments of merchandise and that is valid continuously until canceled.
  • fuel efficiency — the (least) amount of fuel used in proportion to the number of miles travelled
  • genetic fallacy — the fallacy of confusing questions of validity and logical order with questions of origin and temporal order.
  • gross indecency — sexual offence
  • high-dependency — needing or providing a more than usually high level of healthcare
  • hull efficiency — the ratio of the quantity of work required to tow a certain hull at a given speed to that required to drive it with a certain propeller: used in propeller design.
  • interdependency — the quality or condition of being interdependent, or mutually reliant on each other: Globalization of economies leads to an ever-increasing interdependence of countries.
  • life expectancy — the probable number of years remaining in the life of an individual or class of persons determined statistically, affected by such factors as heredity, physical condition, nutrition, and occupation.
  • non-complacency — a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.
  • nonbelligerency — the state or status of not participating in a war.
  • pre-delinquency — failure in or neglect of duty or obligation; dereliction; default: delinquency in payment of dues.
  • pseudopregnancy — Pathology, Veterinary Pathology. false pregnancy.
  • radio frequency — the frequency of the transmitting waves of a given radio message or broadcast.
  • ross dependency — a territory in Antarctica, including Ross Island, the coasts along the Ross Sea, and adjacent islands: a dependency of New Zealand. About 175,000 sq. mi. (453,250 sq. km).
  • single currency — a currency that is common to different countries
  • sister of mercy — a member of a congregation of sisters founded in Dublin in 1827 by Catherine McAuley (1787–1841) and engaged chiefly in works of spiritual and corporal mercy.
  • superefficiency — the quality or condition of being superefficient
  • superintendency — a district or place under a superintendent.
  • the confederacy — the league of Southern states that seceded from the U.S. in 1860 & 1861; Ala., Ark., Fla., Ga., La., Miss., N.C., S.C., Tenn., Tex., & Va.
  • training agency — (in Britain, formerly) an organization providing training and retraining for adult workers
  • tubal pregnancy — pregnancy that grows in fallopian tube
  • umbrella policy — An umbrella policy is a policy that provides excess limits and gives additional excess coverage over the normal limits and coverage of liability policies.
  • under-frequency — Also, frequence. the state or fact of being frequent; frequent occurrence: We are alarmed by the frequency of fires in the neighborhood.
  • unix conspiracy — [ITS] According to a conspiracy theory long popular among ITS and TOPS-20 fans, Unix's growth is the result of a plot, hatched during the 1970s at Bell Labs, whose intent was to hobble AT&T's competitors by making them dependent upon a system whose future evolution was to be under AT&T's control. This would be accomplished by disseminating an operating system that is apparently inexpensive and easily portable, but also relatively unreliable and insecure (so as to require continuing upgrades from AT&T). This theory was lent a substantial impetus in 1984 by the paper referenced in the back door entry. In this view, Unix was designed to be one of the first computer viruses (see virus) - but a virus spread to computers indirectly by people and market forces, rather than directly through disks and networks. Adherents of this "Unix virus" theory like to cite the fact that the well-known quotation "Unix is snake oil" was uttered by DEC president Kenneth Olsen shortly before DEC began actively promoting its own family of Unix workstations. (Olsen now claims to have been misquoted.)
  • vice-presidency — the position of a person who ranks immediately below the chief executive or head of state of a republic, esp of the US, and serves as his deputy
  • video frequency — transmission frequency of the television picture.
  • visual literacy — the ability to apprehend or interpret pictures or other visual images.
  • white supremacy — the belief, theory, or doctrine that white people are inherently superior to people from all other racial groups, especially black people, and are therefore rightfully the dominant group in any society.
  • your-excellency — (usually initial capital letter). Also, Excellence. a title of honor given to certain high officials, as governors, ambassadors, and Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops (preceded by his, your, etc.).

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