Words ending with cy

2 letter words ending with cy

  • cy — Cyprus (international car registration)

3 letter words ending with cy

  • -cy — -cy replaces '-te', '-t', and '-tic' at the end of some adjectives to form nouns referring to the state or quality described by the adjective.
  • icy — made of, full of, or covered with ice: icy roads.

4 letter words ending with cy

  • -acy — quality, condition, position, etc.
  • agcy — agency
  • bkcy — bankruptcy
  • dicy — Alternative spelling of dicey.
  • ency — encyclopedia

5 letter words ending with cy

  • -ancy — a variant of -ance, used to indicate condition or quality
  • -ency — -ence
  • baccy — Older Use. tobacco.
  • bercy — a white sauce flavored with white wine, shallots, fish stock, and parsley: usually served with fish.
  • biccy — a biscuit

6 letter words ending with cy

  • -cracy — indicating a type of government or rule
  • -mancy — indicating divination of a particular kind
  • abbacy — the office, term of office, or jurisdiction of an abbot or abbess
  • agency — An agency is a business which provides a service on behalf of other businesses.
  • anancy — a character in Caribbean folklore, a cunning trickster generally depicted as a spider with a human head; the subject of many Anancy stories, the character has its origins among the Ashanti of W Africa

7 letter words ending with cy

  • animacy — the state of being alive and animate
  • ardency — having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: an ardent vow; ardent love.
  • cadency — the line of descent from a younger member of a family
  • cogency — the quality or condition of being cogent; power to convince
  • decency — Decency is the quality of following accepted moral standards.

8 letter words ending with cy

  • abeyancy — (rare) Abeyance.
  • accuracy — The accuracy of information or measurements is their quality of being true or correct, even in small details.
  • adamancy — a state of resoluteness
  • adequacy — Adequacy is the quality of being good enough or great enough in amount to be acceptable.
  • advocacy — Someone's advocacy of a particular action or plan is their act of recommending it publicly.

9 letter words ending with cy

  • aberrancy — departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
  • abundancy — A state of plentifulness. (First attested in the mid 16th century.).
  • adhocracy — management that responds to urgent problems rather than planning to avoid them
  • adjacency — the quality or state of being adjacent; nearness
  • adjutancy — the rank or office of a military adjutant

10 letter words ending with cy

  • abhorrency — (obsolete) Aberrancy. (Attested only in the late 16th century.).
  • abnormalcy — abnormality.
  • absorbancy — absorbance
  • absorbency — capable of absorbing heat, light, moisture, etc.; tending to absorb.
  • abstinency — the quality of being abstinent

11 letter words ending with cy

  • accountancy — Accountancy is the theory or practice of keeping financial accounts.
  • aleuromancy — (in ancient times) the use of flour as a means of divination.
  • ambivalency — uncertainty or fluctuation, especially when caused by inability to make a choice or by a simultaneous desire to say or do two opposite or conflicting things.
  • antecedency — the fact or condition of being antecedent
  • antisecrecy — opposed to secrecy, particularly in government

12 letter words ending with cy

  • alkalescency — the tendency to develop alkaline qualities
  • alphitomancy — the use of barley meal as a means of divination.
  • ambitendency — ambivalence, especially when acted out; a tendency to contradictory behavior arising from conflicting impulses.
  • anthropodicy — An attempt, or argument attempting, to justify the existence of humanity as good (contrast theodicy).
  • belligerency — the state of being at war

13 letter words ending with cy

  • alectryomancy — an ancient form of divination, using a rooster to select grains of food placed on letters of the alphabet.
  • circumjacency — the state of being circumjacent
  • co-dependency — a state of mutual dependence between two people, esp when one partner relies emotionally on supporting and caring for the other partner
  • co-presidency — the state or act of being co-president
  • consenescency — consenescence

14 letter words ending with cy

15 letter words ending with cy

16 letter words ending with cy

  • counter-tendency — a natural or prevailing disposition to move, proceed, or act in some direction or toward some point, end, or result: the tendency of falling bodies toward the earth.
  • immunodeficiency — impairment of the immune response, predisposing to infection and certain malignancies.
  • self-complacency — pleased with oneself; self-satisfied; smug.
  • self-sufficiency — able to supply one's own or its own needs without external assistance: The nation grows enough grain to be self-sufficient.
  • severe combined immunodeficiency — a group of rare congenital disorders in which both cell-mediated and humoral immunity are lacking, causing susceptibility to a wide variety of illnesses and an inability to live in a normal environment. Abbreviation: SCID.

17 letter words ending with cy

  • counterinsurgency — action taken by a government to counter the activities of rebels, guerrillas, etc

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