Words ending with ctic

5 letter words ending with ctic

  • ictic — Prosody. rhythmical or metrical stress.

6 letter words ending with ctic

  • arctic — The Arctic is the area of the world around the North Pole. It is extremely cold and there is very little light in winter and very little darkness in summer.
  • factic — Factual.
  • hectic — characterized by intense agitation, excitement, confused and rapid movement, etc.: The week before the trip was hectic and exhausting.
  • lactic — of, relating to, or obtained from milk.
  • pectic — pertaining to pectin.

7 letter words ending with ctic

  • -tactic — having a specified kind of pattern or arrangement or having an orientation determined by a specified force
  • atactic — (of a polymer) having random sequence of the stereochemical arrangement of groups on carbon atoms in the chain; not stereospecific
  • deictic — proving by direct argument
  • orectic — of or relating to desire; appetitive.
  • practic — practical.

8 letter words ending with ctic

  • apractic — a disorder of the nervous system, characterized by an inability to perform purposeful movements, but not accompanied by a loss of sensory function or paralysis.
  • didactic — Something that is didactic is intended to teach people something, especially a moral lesson.
  • ditactic — (chemistry) Describing a tactic polymer that contains two sites of defined stereoisomerism in each repeat unit.
  • eclectic — selecting or choosing from various sources.
  • elenctic — Serving to refute; refutative.

9 letter words ending with ctic

  • anorectic — Also, anorectous. having no appetite.
  • antarctic — The Antarctic is the area around the South Pole.
  • apodictic — that can clearly be shown or proved; absolutely certain or necessarily true
  • apomictic — produced by, or relating to, apomixis
  • ataractic — able to calm or tranquillize

10 letter words ending with ctic

  • aerotactic — of movement towards or away from oxygen
  • apodeictic — unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration
  • apoplectic — If someone is apoplectic, they are extremely angry about something.
  • asyntactic — showing no syntactical rules or regularity
  • catalectic — (of a line of verse) having an incomplete final foot

11 letter words ending with ctic

  • acatalectic — having the necessary number of feet or syllables, esp having a complete final foot
  • catallactic — relating to exchange
  • cataplectic — Pathology. a condition characterized by sudden, brief attacks of muscle weakness sometimes causing the body to fall helplessly, that is usually triggered by strong emotion: often associated with narcolepsy.
  • chemotactic — oriented movement toward or away from a chemical stimulus.
  • hypallactic — relating to a hypallage

12 letter words ending with ctic

  • anaphylactic — exaggerated allergic reaction to a foreign protein resulting from previous exposure to it.
  • anapodeictic — (rare, rhetoric) not able to be shown or proved by argument; undemonstrable.
  • autodidactic — a person who has learned a subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person.
  • cataphractic — relating to or resembling a cataphract
  • chiropractic — Chiropractic is the treatment of injuries by pressing and moving people's joints, especially the spine.

13 letter words ending with ctic

  • anticlimactic — of, having, or like an anticlimax
  • countertactic — an opposing tactic
  • extragalactic — Situated, occurring, or originating outside the Milky Way galaxy.
  • hypereutectic — (of an alloy) having more of the alloying element than the eutectoid composition.
  • intergalactic — of, existing, or occurring in the space between galaxies: The science-fiction movie was about an intergalactic war.

14 letter words ending with ctic

  • anti-climactic — of, like, pertaining to, or expressing anticlimax.
  • circumgalactic — (astronomy) Surrounding a galaxy.
  • tachyphylactic — Medicine/Medical. immediate, temporary immunization against the effects of injection of a toxic extract owing to previous small injections of the same extract.

15 letter words ending with ctic

  • hypercatalectic — (of a line of verse) containing an additional syllable after the last dipody or foot. Compare acatalectic (def 2), catalectic.
  • morphosyntactic — involving both morphology and syntax.
  • post-apoplectic — of or relating to apoplexy or stroke.

17 letter words ending with ctic

  • anti-anaphylactic — exaggerated allergic reaction to a foreign protein resulting from previous exposure to it.

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