18-letter words that end in cs

  • acoustic phonetics — the branch of phonetics concerned with the acoustic properties of human speech
  • aerothermodynamics — the study of the exchange of heat between solids and gases, esp of the heating effect on aircraft flying through the air at very high speeds
  • alphaphotographics — A display made up of text characters combined with high-resolution photographic images (proposed as a future form of videotex).
  • applied kinematics — kinematics (def 2).
  • auditory phonetics — the branch of phonetics concerned with the perception of speech sounds by humans
  • axiological ethics — the branch of ethics dealing primarily with the relative goodness or value of the motives and end of any action.
  • character graphics — ASCII art
  • cytoarchitectonics — Cytoarchitecture.
  • furnishing fabrics — fabrics used to make and cover furniture
  • geometrical optics — the branch of optics dealing with light as rays, especially in the study of the effects of lenses and mirrors on light beams and of their combination in optical instruments.
  • higher mathematics — the advanced portions of mathematics, customarily considered as embracing all beyond ordinary arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and trigonometry.
  • magnetogasdynamics — magnetohydrodynamics.
  • molecular genetics — a subdivision of genetics concerned with the structure and function of genes at the molecular level.
  • psychotherapeutics — psychotherapy.
  • quantum statistics — the branch of statistical mechanics that incorporates quantum mechanics.
  • sinclair radionics — Sinclair Research
  • swedish gymnastics — a system of passive and active exercising of muscles and joints

On this page, we collect all 18-letter words ending in CS. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 18-letter word that ends in CS to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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