12-letter words that end in cs

  • acatalectics — Plural form of acatalectic.
  • aerodonetics — the study of soaring or gliding flight, esp the study of gliders
  • aerodynamics — Aerodynamics is the study of the way in which objects move through the air.
  • aeroelastics — the study of aeroelastic phenomena.
  • agp graphics — Accelerated Graphics Port
  • anaesthetics — the science, study, and practice of anaesthesia and its application
  • animatronics — a branch of film and theatre technology that combines traditional puppetry techniques with electronics to create lifelike animated effects
  • antipolitics — the rejection of party and electoral politics
  • antipyretics — Plural form of antipyretic.
  • aphrodisiacs — Plural form of aphrodisiac.
  • astronautics — the science and technology of space flight
  • astrophysics — Astrophysics is the study of the physical and chemical structure of the stars, planets, and other natural objects in space.
  • atmospherics — Atmospherics are elements in something such as a piece of music or a book which create a certain atmosphere.
  • barodynamics — the branch of mechanics concerned with heavy structures
  • bioacoustics — the study of animals' use of sound
  • biomagnetics — the study of magnetic fields as a form of therapy
  • biomechanics — the study of the mechanics of the movement of living organisms
  • biorhythmics — the study of biorhythms
  • calisthenics — Calisthenics are simple exercises that you can do to keep fit and healthy.
  • catacoustics — the branch of acoustics dealing with echoes and reflected sounds
  • catallactics — political economy
  • ceroplastics — the art of wax modelling
  • charismatics — Plural form of charismatic.
  • climacterics — Plural form of climacteric.
  • clintonomics — (used with a singular verb) the economic policies set forth by President Bill Clinton.
  • conspecifics — Plural form of conspecific.
  • cosmonautics — astronautics, especially as applied to space flight.
  • cytogenetics — the branch of genetics that correlates the structure, number, and behaviour of chromosomes with heredity and variation
  • cytokinetics — (biology) The study of cytokinesis.
  • demographics — data resulting from the science of demography; population statistics
  • dipsomaniacs — Plural form of dipsomaniac.
  • econometrics — the application of statistical and mathematical techniques in solving problems as well as in testing and demonstrating theories.
  • ethnopoetics — A poetical, linguistic and anthropological movement dealing with poetry written by, or in the style of, indigenous peoples.
  • fiber optics — the branch of optics that deals with the transmission of light through transparent fibers, as in the form of pulses for the transmission of data or communications, or through fiber bundles for the transmission of images.
  • fibre optics — optical fibre
  • gas dynamics — the study of the dynamic properties of gases and their thermal effects.
  • gastronomics — the cooking style typical of a region or country
  • geoeconomics — The study of the economic trends and conditions of the world’s countries and how they are related; economics considered on the broadest global scale.
  • geomechanics — the study and application of rock and soil mechanics
  • glossematics — a school of linguistic analysis developed by Louis Hjelmslev (1899–1965) in Copenhagen in the 1930s based on the study of the distribution of glossemes.
  • gnotobiotics — the study of organisms living in germ-free conditions or when inoculated with known microorganisms
  • hemodynamics — the branch of physiology dealing with the forces involved in the circulation of the blood.
  • hemophiliacs — Plural form of hemophiliac.
  • hermeneutics — the science of interpretation, especially of the Scriptures.
  • hydronautics — (nautical) The science of the design and construction of ships, their engines, and their instrumentation.
  • hydrostatics — the branch of hydrodynamics that deals with the statics of fluids, usually confined to the equilibrium and pressure of liquids.
  • hypercritics — a person who is excessively or captiously critical.
  • idiodynamics — a system of beliefs in psychology emphasizing the role of the personality in choosing stimuli and in organizing responses.
  • infographics — Plural form of infographic.
  • kinesiatrics — the treatment of disease by the use of gymnastics or muscle exercises

On this page, we collect all 12-letter words ending in CS. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 12-letter word that ends in CS to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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