Words ending with cher

4 letter words ending with cher

  • cher — a department of central France, in E Centre region. Capital: Bourges. Pop: 312 277 (2003 est). Area: 7304 sq km (2849 sq miles)

5 letter words ending with cher

  • acher — (obsolete) usher.
  • ocher — any of a class of natural earths, mixtures of hydrated oxide of iron with various earthy materials, ranging in color from pale yellow to orange and red, and used as pigments.
  • red ocher — any of the red natural earths, mixtures of hematite, that are used as pigments.
  • yellow ocher — a paint pigment, a variety of limonite, consisting of iron oxide and clay

6 letter words ending with cher

  • archer — An archer is someone who shoots arrows using a bow.
  • cacher — One who caches.
  • eacher — every one of two or more considered individually or one by one: each stone in a building; a hallway with a door at each end.
  • escher — M(aurits) C(ornelis)1898-1972; Du. graphic artist
  • etcher — A person who etches.

7 letter words ending with cher

  • -incher — a thing measuring a specified number of inches
  • batcher — anything that makes something into batches
  • beacher — a long, curling wave of the sea.
  • beecher — Henry Ward. 1813–87, US clergyman: a leader in the movement for the abolition of slavery
  • belcher — a person who belches

8 letter words ending with cher

  • -watcher — -watcher combines with nouns to form other nouns that refer to people who are interested in a group of animals or people, and who study them closely.
  • allocher — any of the variant forms of a chereme.
  • attacher — Someone who attaches.
  • avoucher — a person who avouches
  • blancher — someone who blanches

9 letter words ending with cher

  • bewitcher — a person who enchants or bewitches
  • debaucher — to corrupt by sensuality, intemperance, etc.; seduce.
  • deutscherIsaac, 1907–1967, English journalist and author, born in Poland.
  • dowitcher — any of several long-billed, snipelike shore birds of North America and Asia, especially Limnodromus griseus.
  • geocacher — A person who hides or seeks objects as part of the sport of geocaching.

10 letter words ending with cher

  • approacher — to come near or nearer to: The cars slowed down as they approached the intersection.
  • cowcatcher — a metal frame on the front of a locomotive to clear the track of animals or other obstructions
  • cowpuncher — cowboy
  • despatcher — Alternative form of dispatcher.
  • dispatcher — a person who dispatches.

11 letter words ending with cher

  • backbencher — A backbencher is a Member of Parliament who is not a minister and who does not hold an official position in their political party.
  • dog-catcher — a person employed by a municipal pound, humane society, or the like, to find and impound stray or homeless dogs, cats, etc.
  • ensepulcher — (transitive) To lay in a sepulcher; to entomb.
  • eye-catcher — something that especially attracts one's attention
  • firewatcher — A person who looks for the onset of fires, normally from a high vantage point.

12 letter words ending with cher

  • bird-watcher — A bird-watcher is a person whose hobby is watching and studying wild birds in their natural surroundings.
  • coresearcher — a joint researcher
  • crossbencher — A member of the British parliament, or a similar assembly, who does not vote regularly with either the government or the main opposition party.
  • dreamcatcher — A small hoop containing a horsehair mesh, or a similar construction of string or yarn, decorated with feathers and beads, believed to give its owner good dreams. Dreamcatchers were originally made by American Indians.
  • frontbencher — (politics) one who sits on the front bench in a parliament. Typically the spokesmen for those who sit further back.

13 letter words ending with cher

  • affenpinscher — a small wire-haired breed of dog of European origin, having tufts of hair on the muzzle
  • backscratcher — an implement with a long handle, used for scratching one's back
  • carpetmuncher — Alternative form of carpet muncher.
  • clock-watcher — an employee who checks the time in anticipation of a break or of the end of the working day
  • oystercatcher — any of several long-billed wading birds of the genus Haematopus that have chiefly black-and-white plumage and that feed on oysters, clams, mussels, etc.

14 letter words ending with cher

  • counterpuncher — a boxer who waits for an opponent to attack before punching
  • schleiermacher — Friedrich Ernst Daniel [free-drikh ernst dah-nee-el] /ˈfri drɪx ɛrnst ˈdɑ niˌɛl/ (Show IPA), 1768–1834, German theologian and philosopher.
  • volksdeutscher — a member of the German people, especially one of a community having its home outside of Germany, usually in central or eastern Europe.
  • weight-watcher — a person who is dieting to control his or her weight.

15 letter words ending with cher

  • kaffeeklatscher — a person who participates, especially regularly, in a kaffee klatsch.
  • number-cruncher — a person or thing that performs a great many numerical calculations, as a financial analyst, statistician, computer, or computer program.

16 letter words ending with cher

  • curtain-twitcher — a person who likes to watch unobserved what other people are doing
  • easter-sepulcher — a tomb, grave, or burial place.
  • spreader-ditcher — a machine for shaping and cleaning roadbeds and ditches and for freeing tracks of ice and snow by plowing and digging.

18 letter words ending with cher

  • bullnose-stretcher — Also called bullnose stretcher. a brick having one of the edges along its length rounded for laying as a stretcher in a sill or the like.

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