Words ending with cele

5 letter words ending with cele

  • -cele — tumour or hernia

6 letter words ending with cele

  • mycele — one of many microfibres in cervical mucus through which sperm must pass to reach the uterus

9 letter words ending with cele

  • cystocele — a hernia of the urinary bladder, esp one protruding into the vagina
  • hydrocele — an accumulation of serous fluid, usually about the testis.
  • rectocele — a hernia of the rectum into the vagina.

10 letter words ending with cele

  • bubonocele — an incomplete hernia in the groin; partial inguinal hernia
  • enterocele — (pathology) An intestinal hernia.
  • gastrocele — (anatomy) A cavity in the embryonic gastrula.
  • hematocele — hemorrhage into a cavity, as the cavity surrounding the testis.
  • laparocele — (medicine) A rupture or hernia in the lumbar regions.

11 letter words ending with cele

  • bronchocele — dilatation of a bronchus.
  • cephalocele — a protrusion of the brain or cranial matter through an opening in the skull
  • galactocele — A cystic tumor containing milk or a milky substance, usually located in the mammary glands, and caused by a protein plug that blocks off the outlet.
  • haematocele — Alternative spelling of hematocele.
  • meningocele — a protrusion of the meninges through an opening in the skull or spinal column, forming a bulge or sac filled with cerebrospinal fluid.

12 letter words ending with cele

13 letter words ending with cele

  • encephalocele — (medicine) A form of hernia of the brain and its membranes through an opening in the skull.
  • splanchnocele — a primitive embryonic body cavity

16 letter words ending with cele

  • cystourethrocele — A urethrocele occurring with a cystocele.
  • meningomyelocele — (medicine) A congenital defect of the central nervous system of infants in which membranes and the spinal cord protrude through an opening or defect in the vertebral column.
  • myelomeningocele — (pathology) A form of spina bifida characterized by protrusion of the spinal meninges.

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