Words ending with ash

3 letter words ending with ash

  • ash — Ash is the grey or black powdery substance that is left after something is burnt. You can also refer to this substance as ashes.
  • bone ash — the residue obtained when bones are burned in air, consisting mainly of calcium phosphate. It is used as a fertilizer and in the manufacture of bone china
  • cigarette ash — the ash created by smoking a cigarette
  • flowering ash — a variety of ash tree that produces conspicuous flowers
  • fly ash — fine particles of ash of a solid fuel carried out of the flue of a furnace with the waste gases produced during combustion.

4 letter words ending with ash

  • bash — A bash is a party or celebration, especially a large one held by an official organization or attended by famous people.
  • cash — Cash is money in the form of notes and coins rather than cheques.
  • dash — If you dash somewhere, you run or go there quickly and suddenly.
  • fash — (Scotland, Geordie, Northern England) To worry; to bother, annoy.
  • gash — a long, deep wound or cut; slash.

5 letter words ending with ash

  • abash — to cause to feel ill at ease, embarrassed, or confused; make ashamed
  • awash — If the ground or a floor is awash, it is covered in water, often because of heavy rain or as the result of an accident.
  • blash — a heavy splash
  • brash — If you describe someone or their behaviour as brash, you disapprove of them because you think that they are too confident and aggressive.
  • clash — When people clash, they fight, argue, or disagree with each other.

6 letter words ending with ash

  • abrash — any variation or change, typically striation, in the different dyes of an Oriental rug as it ages.
  • bedash — to dash against (something), as for example waves dash against rocks
  • calash — a horse-drawn carriage with low wheels and a folding top
  • e-cash — money that is exchanged electronically over computer or telecommunications networks.
  • encash — To convert a financial instrument or funding source into cash.

7 letter words ending with ash

  • airwash — to cool (a roof or the like) with a current of air.
  • badmash — naughty or bad
  • bagwash — a laundry that washes clothes without drying or pressing them
  • balqashLake, Balkhash.
  • bardash — a kept boy in a homosexual relationship; catamite

8 letter words ending with ash

  • backlash — A backlash against a tendency or recent development in society or politics, is a sudden, strong reaction against it.
  • backwash — The backwash of an event or situation is an unpleasant situation that exists after it and as a result of it.
  • balkhash — Lakelarge lake in SE Kazakhstan, half saline & half freshwater, the halves separated by a sandbar: c. 6,500 sq mi (16,835 sq km)
  • calabash — a tropical American evergreen tree, Crescentia cujete, that produces large round gourds: family Bignoniaceae
  • calipash — the greenish glutinous edible part of the turtle found next to the upper shell, considered a delicacy

9 letter words ending with ash

  • backflash — a flashback: Backflashes of the heroine's childhood fill in gaps in the novel's narrative.
  • backslash — a slash which slopes to the left \
  • blackwash — to present (someone or something) in the worst possible light
  • brainwash — If you brainwash someone, you force them to believe something by continually telling them that it is true, and preventing them from thinking about it properly.
  • bush-bash — to clear scrubland

10 letter words ending with ash

  • backsplash — any tiled area by, for example, a sink, cooker or bath to prevent damage to a wall by food or water splashes
  • balderdash — If you say that something that has been said or written is balderdash, you think it is completely untrue or very stupid.
  • belly-wash — any barely drinkable liquid or beverage, as inferior soda, beer, coffee, or soup.
  • colourwash — a coloured distemper
  • gate-crash — to gain entry to (a party, concert, etc) without invitation or payment

11 letter words ending with ash

  • spatterdash — a long gaiter to protect the trousers or stockings, as from mud while riding.
  • tongue-lash — to reprimand severely; scold

12 letter words ending with ash

  • antibacklash — relating to the prevention of a violent backward reaction or movement
  • electroclash — a type of electronic music, originating in the first decade of the 21st century, that combines modern techno with synthesizer music characteristic of the 1980s
  • spatter-dash — Also called spatter dash. an exterior wall finish composed of mortar and fine pebbles mixed together and dashed against the wall. Compare pebble dash.
  • synchroflash — of or relating to photography employing a device that synchronizes the photoflash with the shutter.
  • thunderflash — a pyrotechnic device which is noisy, but not dangerous, and which is used in military exercises

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