Words ending with aria

4 letter words ending with aria

  • aria — An aria is a song for one of the leading singers in an opera or choral work.

5 letter words ending with aria

  • -aria — forming the scientific names of taxonomic groups
  • baria — (dated) baryta.
  • caria — an ancient region of SW Asia Minor, on the Aegean Sea: chief cities were Halicarnassus and Cnidus: corresponds to the present-day Turkish districts of S Aydin and W Muğla
  • maria — nightmare (def 3).
  • pariaGulf of, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean between the island of Trinidad and the NE coast of Venezuela.

6 letter words ending with aria

  • ajaria — an autonomous region in SW Georgia, bordered by Turkey and the Black Sea. 1120 sq. mi. (2900 sq. km). Capital: Batumi.
  • icaria — Also, Ikaria. a Greek island in the Aegean Sea: a part of the Southern Sporades group. 99 sq. mi. (256 sq. km).
  • ikaria — Icaria.
  • oraria — a stole worn by deacons.
  • sharia — law, seen as deriving from the Koran, hadith, ijmaʿ, and qiyas.

7 letter words ending with aria

  • angaria — any of various shellfish of the genus Angaria
  • aquaria — a glass-sided tank, bowl, or the like, in which fish or other living aquatic animals or plants are kept.
  • bavaria — a state of S Germany: a former duchy and kingdom; mainly wooded highland, with the Alps in the south. Capital: Munich. Pop: 12 155 000 (2000 est). Area: 70 531 sq km (27 232 sq miles)
  • dataria — the papal office that assesses candidates for benefices reserved to the Holy See
  • filaria — any small, threadlike roundworm of the family Filariidae and related families, carried as a larva by mosquitoes and parasitic when adult in the blood or tissues of vertebrates.

8 letter words ending with aria

  • adularia — a white or colourless glassy variety of orthoclase in the form of prismatic crystals. It occurs in metamorphic rocks and is a minor gemstone. Formula: KAlSi3O8
  • beccaria — Cesare Bonesana (ˈtʃɛzare bɔnɛˈzɑːna), Marchese de. 1738–94, Italian legal theorist and political economist; author of the influential treatise Crimes and Punishments (1764), which attacked corruption, torture, and capital punishment
  • bulgaria — a republic in SE Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula on the Black Sea: under Turkish rule from 1395 until 1878; became an independent kingdom in 1908 and a republic in 1946; joined the EU in 2007; consists chiefly of the Danube valley in the north and the Balkan Mountains in the central part, separated from the Rhodope Mountains of the south by the valley of the Maritsa River. Language: Bulgarian. Religion: Christian (Bulgarian Orthodox) majority. Currency: lev. Capital: Sofia. Pop: 6 981 642 (2013 est). Area: 110 911 sq km (42 823 sq miles)
  • caldaria — Plural form of caldarium.
  • calvaria — the top part of the skull of vertebrates

9 letter words ending with aria

  • alfilaria — a geraniaceous plant, Erodium cicutarium, native to Europe, with finely divided leaves and small pink or purplish flowers. It is widely naturalized in North America and is used as fodder
  • araucaria — any tree of the coniferous genus Araucaria of South America, Australia, and Polynesia, such as the monkey puzzle and bunya-bunya
  • cineraria — a plant, Senecio cruentus, of the Canary Islands, widely cultivated for its blue, purple, red, or variegated daisy-like flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
  • dzungaria — a region in N Sinkiang, China: a Mongol kingdom during the 11th to 14th centuries.
  • honoraria — a payment in recognition of acts or professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set: The mayor was given a modest honorarium for delivering a speech to our club.

10 letter words ending with aria

  • adversaria — a collection of notes, remarks or observations
  • armillaria — any of various fungi of the genus Armillaria, which are white-spored and cause wood rot. Many species are parasitic.
  • avicularia — Plural form of avicularium.
  • bipinnaria — a free-swimming starfish larva
  • cochlearia — Plural form of cochlearium.

11 letter words ending with aria

  • antimalaria — acting against or preventing malaria
  • auricularia — the bilaterally symmetrical, ciliated larva of a holothurian.
  • balistraria — (in a medieval fortification) an opening, usually in the form of a cross, through which a crossbow could be fired.
  • calceolaria — any tropical American scrophulariaceous plant of the genus Calceolaria: cultivated for its speckled slipper-shaped flowers
  • carpentaria — Gulf ofarm of the Arafura Sea, indenting the N coast of Australia: c. 480 mi (772 km) long; 400 mi (644 km) wide

12 letter words ending with aria

  • armamentaria — the aggregate of equipment, methods, and techniques available to one for carrying out one's duties: The stethoscope is still an essential part of the physician's armamentarium.
  • metacercaria — the encysted larva of a trematode, usually found in or on an aquatic intermediate host.
  • microfilaria — the embryonic larva of the nematode parasite Filaria or of related genera, especially of those species that cause heartworm in dogs and elephantiasis in humans.
  • pedicellaria — one of the minute pincerlike structures common to starfish and sea urchins, used for cleaning and to capture tiny prey.
  • scrophularia — a member of a genus of flowering plants which have a square stem and are known as figworts

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