Words ending with ape

3 letter words ending with ape

  • ape — Apes are chimpanzees, gorillas, and other animals in the same family.
  • anthropoid ape — any primate of the family Pongidae, having no tail, elongated arms, and a highly developed brain. The group includes gibbons, orang-utans, chimpanzees, and gorillas
  • barbary ape — a tailless macaque, Macaca sylvana, that inhabits rocky cliffs and forests in NW Africa and Gibraltar: family Cercopithecidae, order Primates
  • dog ape — baboon.
  • go ape — any of a group of anthropoid primates characterized by long arms, a broad chest, and the absence of a tail, comprising the family Pongidae (great ape) which includes the chimpanzee, gorilla, and orangutan, and the family Hylobatidae (lesser ape) which includes the gibbon and siamang.

4 letter words ending with ape

  • cape — A cape is a large piece of land that sticks out into the sea from the coast.
  • gape — to stare with open mouth, as in wonder.
  • jape — to jest; joke; gibe.
  • nape — the back of the neck (usually used in the phrase nape of the neck).
  • pape — a Roman Catholic

5 letter words ending with ape

  • agape — If you describe someone as having their mouth agape, their mouth is open very wide, often because they are very surprised by something.
  • chape — a metal tip or trimming for a scabbard
  • crape — crepe, esp when used for mourning clothes
  • drape — to cover or hang with cloth or other fabric, especially in graceful folds; adorn with drapery.
  • frape — (obsolete) A crowd, a rabble.

6 letter words ending with ape

  • -scape — indicating a scene or view of something, esp a pictorial representation
  • canape — Canapés are small pieces of biscuit or toast with food such as meat, cheese, or pâté on top. They are often served with drinks at parties.
  • escape — An act of breaking free from confinement or control.
  • lenape — Delaware (defs 5, 6).
  • ponape — an island in the W Pacific: part of the Federated States of Micronesia. 134 sq. mi. (347 sq. km).

7 letter words ending with ape

  • bedrape — to drape, adorn
  • dectape — (hardware, storage)   A reel of magnetic tape about 4 inches in diameter and one inch wide. Unlike today's macrotapes, microtape drivers allowed random access to the data, and therefore could be used to support file systems and even for swapping (this was generally done purely for hack value, as they were far too slow for practical use). DECtape was a variant on LINCtape. In their heyday DECtapes were used in pretty much the same ways one would now use a floppy disk: as a small, portable way to save and transport files and programs.
  • igarapé — (in Brazil) a route that is navigable by canoes
  • inscape — the unique essence or inner nature of a person, place, thing, or event, especially depicted in poetry or a work of art.
  • mixtape — a recording on a cassette tape, CD, or digital medium, consisting of music or songs selected by a single person: My boyfriend made me the greatest mixtape for my birthday.

8 letter words ending with ape

  • airscape — a view of the land or sea below from the air
  • antirape — opposed to or acting against rape
  • griptape — a rough tape for sticking to a surface to provide a greater grip
  • icescape — a landscape covered with ice or with snow and ice: the limitless icescapes of Antarctica.
  • inchtape — a measuring tape marked out in inches

9 letter words ending with ape

  • audiotape — Audiotape is magnetic tape which is used to record sound.
  • bandshape — (physics) The shape (distribution of strengths with frequency) of a band of electromagnetic radiation.
  • broomrape — any orobanchaceous plant of the genus Orobanche: brownish small-flowered leafless parasites on the roots of other plants, esp on legumes
  • cityscape — an urban landscape; view of a city
  • firescape — to arrange the features of (a garden or other area of land) in a way that inhibits the spread of fire, for example by increasing the amount of open space and cultivating fire-resistant plants

10 letter words ending with ape

  • beachscape — a section or expanse of beach and shore scenery.
  • cloudscape — a picturesque formation of clouds
  • dreamscape — a dreamlike, often surrealistic scene.
  • ethnoscape — A transnational distribution of correlated people.
  • lunarscape — the landscape of the moon.

11 letter words ending with ape

12 letter words ending with ape

  • financescape — Figuratively, the financial landscape; financial markets.
  • re-landscape — a section or expanse of rural scenery, usually extensive, that can be seen from a single viewpoint.

13 letter words ending with ape

  • cassette-tape — Also called cassette tape. a compact case containing a length of magnetic tape that runs between two small reels: used for recording or playback of audio or video in a tape recorder, cassette deck, video camera, or VCR, and for storage of data by some small computer systems. See also audiocassette, videocassette.
  • interiorscape — An installation of plants decorating the inside of a building.
  • magnetic-tape — a ribbon of material, usually with a plastic base, coated on one side (single tape) or both sides (double tape) with a substance containing iron oxide, to make it sensitive to impulses from an electromagnet: used to record sound, images, data, etc.

19 letter words ending with ape

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