Words ending with ania

5 letter words ending with ania

  • bania — banyan (def 2).
  • dania — a town in S Florida.
  • mania — an ancient Roman goddess of the dead.
  • biting mania — an epidemic in which people have a compulsion to bite others, as in 15th-century Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

6 letter words ending with ania

  • -mania — indicating extreme desire or pleasure of a specified kind or an abnormal excitement aroused by something
  • alania — North Ossetia.
  • avania — (historical) A tax or fee imposed on foreigners under the Ottoman Empire, especially one considered to be irregular or extortionate.
  • azania — the indigenous name applied to South Africa by indigenous black nationalists or liberationists.
  • chania — the chief port of Crete, on the NW coast. Pop: 82 000 (2005 est)

7 letter words ending with ania

  • acrania — (physiology) Partial or total absence of the skull.
  • albania — a republic in SE Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula: became independent in 1912 after more than four centuries of Turkish rule; established as a republic (1946) under Communist rule; multiparty constitution adopted in 1991. It is generally mountainous, rising over 2700 m (9000 ft), with extensive forests. Language: Albanian. Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: lek. Capital: Tirana. Pop: 3 011 405 (2013 est). Area: 28 749 sq km (11 100 sq miles)
  • catania — a port in E Sicily, near Mount Etna. Pop: 313 110 (2001)
  • dysania — (very, rare) A state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.
  • gazania — any of several composite plants of the genus Gazania, native to southern Africa, having showy flowers with variously colored rays.

8 letter words ending with ania

  • apimania — an extreme enthusiasm for bees
  • bucrania — (in classical architecture) an ornament, especially on a frieze, having the form of the skull of an ox.
  • campania — a region of SW Italy: includes the islands of Capri and Ischia. Chief town: Naples. Pop: 5 725 098 (2003 est). Area: 13 595 sq km (5248 sq miles)
  • carmania — a province of the ancient Persian empire, on the Gulf of Oman.
  • compania — company.

9 letter words ending with ania

  • acarnania — region on the W coast of ancient Greece
  • agromania — an abnormal desire to live alone, especially in an isolated area.
  • akarnania — Modern Greek name of Acarnania.
  • araucania — a region of central Chile, inhabited by Araucanian Indians
  • asbomania — the perceived indiscriminate and excessive use by the authorities of anti-social behaviour orders in dealing with people causing a nuisance to their fellow citizens

10 letter words ending with ania

  • anglomania — excessive respect for English customs, etc
  • anthomania — an intense fondness for flowers
  • cleggmania — the brief surge in popularity for the leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Nick Clegg, after a series of live televised debates preceding the 2010 British general election
  • clinomania — An excessive desire to remain in bed.
  • dipsomania — an irresistible, typically periodic craving for alcoholic drink.

11 letter words ending with ania

12 letter words ending with ania

  • arithmomania — an obsessive desire to count objects, or a fixation with numbers and calculations
  • balletomania — passionate enthusiasm for ballet
  • decalcomania — the art or process of transferring a design from prepared paper onto another surface, such as china, glass, or paper
  • drapetomania — (dated) an overwhelming urge to run away (from home, a bad situation, responsibility, etc.).
  • hysteromania — unusually increased sexual desire in a woman

13 letter words ending with ania

  • flagellomania — enthusiasm for whipping or being whipped
  • morphinomania — an addiction to morphine or opium in which the addict secretly injects the substance
  • squandermania — an extreme urge for, or level of pleasure obtained by, spending money recklessly

14 letter words ending with ania

16 letter words ending with ania

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