Words ending with ales

4 letter words ending with ales

  • ales — Plural form of ale.

5 letter words ending with ales

  • -ales — denoting plants belonging to an order
  • bales — Also, bailer. a bucket, dipper, or other container used for bailing.
  • dales — a strong working breed of pony, originating from Yorkshire and Durham
  • gales — Plural form of gale.
  • hales — to compel (someone) to go: to hale a man into court.

6 letter words ending with ales

  • coales — Obsolete spelling of coals.
  • reales — true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent: the real reason for an act.
  • scales — a succession or progression of steps or degrees; graduated series: the scale of taxation; the social scale.
  • thales — c640–546? b.c, Greek philosopher, born in Miletus.
  • whalesBay of, an inlet of the Ross Sea, in Antarctica: location of Little America.

7 letter words ending with ales

  • annales — designating or of a group of Fr. historians using a variety of materials and methods to detail the structure and patterns of everyday life, as of a town or region, so as to identify underlying processes of cultural development
  • comales — a griddle made from sandstone or earthenware.
  • exhales — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of exhale.
  • females — Plural form of female.
  • finales — Plural form of finale.

8 letter words ending with ales

  • cabrales — A moderately hard blue cheese, from Spain, made from goat or sheep milk.
  • chorales — Plural form of chorale.
  • gonzalesRichard Alonzo ("Pancho") 1928–1995, U.S. tennis player.
  • gunwales — Plural form of gunwale.
  • timbales — a pair of single-headed, cylindrical drums joined by a frame and played with drumsticks, used, esp. originally, in Latin American dance music

9 letter words ending with ales

  • folktales — a tale or legend originating and traditional among a people or folk, especially one forming part of the oral tradition of the common people.
  • manizales — a city in W Colombia.
  • musicales — Plural form of musicale.
  • off-sales — sales of alcoholic drink for consumption off the premises by a pub or an off-licence attached to a pub
  • telesales — selling by phone

10 letter words ending with ales

  • aftersales — (business) Alternative form of aftersale.
  • fairytales — Plural form of fairytale.
  • intervales — Plural form of intervale.
  • pedernales — a river in central Texas, flowing E to the Colorado river. About 105 miles (169 km) long.
  • wholesales — Plural form of wholesale.

11 letter words ending with ales

12 letter words ending with ales

19 letter words ending with ales

  • pyrenees-orientales — a department in S France. 1600 sq. mi. (4145 sq. km). Capital: Perpignan.

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