Words ending with aki

4 letter words ending with aki

  • kaki — the Japanese persimmon tree.
  • maki — A Japanese dish consisting of sushi and raw vegetables wrapped in seaweed.
  • paki — a contemptuous term used to refer to a Pakistani, especially one who has emigrated to Britain.
  • raki — a spirituous liquor distilled from grain, grapes, plums, etc., in southeastern Europe and the Near East.
  • saki — Alice (Laidlaw) [leyd-law] /ˈleɪdˌlɔ/ (Show IPA), born 1931, Canadian short-story writer.

5 letter words ending with aki

  • araki — A date liquor distilled illegally in Sudan.
  • iraki — a native of Iraq.
  • iwaki — a city on NE Honshu, in Japan.
  • khaki — dull yellowish brown.
  • rolf kraki — a possibly historical Danish king of the 9th century, the subject of an Old Icelandic saga and in accounts by the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus: involved in great battles with his stepfather, Adils of Sweden.

6 letter words ending with aki

  • abnaki — a member of a North American Indian people formerly living in Maine and Quebec
  • ithaki — Greek name of Ithaca (def 1).
  • rumaki — a dish of chicken liver and sliced water chestnuts wrapped in bacon
  • yidaki — a long wooden wind instrument played by the Aboriginal peoples of Arnhem Land

7 letter words ending with aki

  • abenaki — a member of a group of E Algonquian peoples living mainly in Maine and S Quebec
  • ibaraki — a prefecture in central Honshu, Japan.
  • okazaki — a city on S central Honshu, in central Japan.

8 letter words ending with aki

  • anunnaki — various unnamed Sumerian deities who constituted the divine assembly presided over by An and Enlil and of whom seven were judges in the afterworld.
  • faliraki — a coastal resort in SE Greece, on Rhodes. Pop: 400 (2000 est)
  • kaitiaki — (NZ) The M\u0101ori concept of guardianship of the natural environment.
  • kawasaki — a seaport on SE Honshu, in central Japan, SW of Tokyo.
  • miyazaki — a city on SE Kyushu, in Japan.

9 letter words ending with aki

  • amagasaki — an industrial city in Japan, in W Honshu, on Osaka Bay. Pop: 463 256 (2002 est)
  • shimazaki — Tōson [taw-sawn] /ˈtɔ sɔn/ (Show IPA), (Haruki Shimazaki) 1872–1943, Japanese author.
  • taki-taki — Sranan.

11 letter words ending with aki

  • teppan-yaki — a Japanese dish of meat and vegetables stir-fried on, and eaten from, a hot steel plate that forms the centre of a table

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