Words ending with ae

2 letter words ending with ae

  • ae — one; a single

3 letter words ending with ae

  • bae — an affectionate term used to address or refer to one’s girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, etc.: I love you, bae.
  • cae — computer-aided engineering
  • dae — Dictionary of American English
  • fae — Alternative spelling of fey (etymology 2).
  • gae — go1

4 letter words ending with ae

  • alae — plural of ala.
  • blae — bluish-grey; slate-coloured
  • brae — a hill or hillside; slope
  • frae — from
  • orae — plural of os2 .

5 letter words ending with ae

  • -idae — indicating names of zoological families
  • -inae — occurring in names of zoological subfamilies
  • aegae — ancient name of Edessa, a market town in Greece: ancient capital of Macedonia. Pop: 15 980 (latest est)
  • algae — Algae is a type of plant with no stems or leaves that grows in water or on damp surfaces.
  • ansae — Archaeology. a looped handle, especially of a vase.

6 letter words ending with ae

  • -aceae — denoting plants belonging to a family
  • agapae — the love of God or Christ for humankind.
  • alulae — Plural form of alula.
  • amebae — any of numerous freshwater, marine, or parasitic one-celled protozoa of the order Amoebida, characterized by a granular nucleus surrounded by a jellylike mass of cytoplasm that forms temporary extensions, or pseudopodia, by which the organism moves, engulfs food particles, and forms food vacuoles.
  • belgae — an ancient Celtic people who in Roman times inhabited present-day Belgium and N France

7 letter words ending with ae

  • alumnae — a woman who is a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.
  • amoebae — ameba.
  • aphthae — Plural form of aphtha.
  • aporiae — Rhetoric. the expression of a simulated or real doubt, as about where to begin or what to do or say.
  • areolae — a ring of color, as around the human nipple.

8 letter words ending with ae

  • -phyceae — seaweed
  • aciculae — Plural form of acicula.
  • alveolae — a small cavity, cell, or pit on the surface of an organ.
  • amphorae — a large two-handled storage jar having an oval body, usually tapering to a point at the base, with a pair of handles extending from immediately below the lip to the shoulder: used chiefly for oil, wine, etc., and, set on a foot, as a commemorative vase awarded the victors in contests such as the Panathenaic games.
  • ampullae — Anatomy. a dilated portion of a canal or duct, especially of the semicircular canals of the ear.

9 letter words ending with ae

  • abscissae — (in plane Cartesian coordinates) the x-coordinate of a point: its distance from the y-axis measured parallel to the x-axis.
  • amygdalae — Plural form of amygdala.
  • ballistae — an ancient military engine for throwing stones or other missiles.
  • branchiae — the gills of an aquatic animal
  • cercariae — Plural form of cercaria.

10 letter words ending with ae

  • arborvitae — any of a number of N. American or Far Eastern evergreen conifers, belonging chiefly to the genus Thuja
  • cerevisiae — (informal) The species Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or brewer's yeast.
  • chelicerae — one member of the first pair of usually pincerlike appendages of spiders and other arachnids.
  • chlamydiae — the sexually transmitted diseases that are due to the microorganism Chlamydia trachomatis
  • columellae — Plural form of columella.

11 letter words ending with ae

  • coleorhizae — Plural form of coleorhiza.
  • invertebrae — Invertebrate organisms.
  • mycorrhizae — Plural form of mycorrhiza.
  • thermopylae — a pass in E Greece, between the cliffs of Mt. Oeta and the Gulf of Lamia: Persian defeat of the Spartans 480 b.c.
  • windlestrae — thin or weak-looking

12 letter words ending with ae

  • coleorrhizae — protective sheath enclosing grass seedlings
  • conjunctivae — the mucous membrane that lines the exposed portion of the eyeball and inner surface of the eyelids.
  • differentiae — Plural form of differentia.
  • hydromedusae — Irregular plural form of hydromedusa.

13 letter words ending with ae

  • metacercariae — the encysted larva of a trematode, usually found in or on an aquatic intermediate host.
  • microfilariae — the embryonic larva of the nematode parasite Filaria or of related genera, especially of those species that cause heartworm in dogs and elephantiasis in humans.
  • pedicellariae — one of the minute pincerlike structures common to starfish and sea urchins, used for cleaning and to capture tiny prey.
  • turangawaewae — the area that is a person's home
  • zooxanthellae — any of various symbiotic yellow-green or yellow–brown algae in the cytoplasm of certain radiolarians and marine invertebrates.

14 letter words ending with ae

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