Words ending with ada

3 letter words ending with ada

  • ada — a high-level computer programming language designed for dealing with real-time processing problems: used for military and other systems
  • annotated ada — (language, specification)   (Anna) A specification language developed at Stanford University ca. 1980 for formally specifying Ada programs. It has a Specification Analyzer and a Consistency Checking System. It adds semantic assertions in the form of Ada comments.
  • descriptive intermediate attributed notation for ada — (language)   (DIANA) A formerly de facto standard intermediate language for Ada programs, developed by Goos and Wulf at CMU in January 1981. DIANA is an attributed tree representation, with an abstract interface defined in Interface Description Language (Nestor, Lamb and Wulf, CMU, 1981; Snodgrass(?), 1989(?)). DIANA resulted from a merger of AIDA and TCOL.Ada. At the present (2001) it is no longer used by the major ADA compilers

4 letter words ending with ada

  • aada — (military) initialism of anti-aircraft defended area.
  • dada — a nihilistic artistic movement of the early 20th century in W Europe and the US, founded on principles of irrationality, incongruity, and irreverence towards accepted aesthetic criteria
  • nada — nothing; zero; none: I have absolutely no motivation—zilch, zip, nada!
  • pada — a unit of Sanskrit or Vedic poetic meter, a series of light and heavy syllables, usually one quarter of a four-line stanza.
  • rada — (politics) a parliamentary body in a number of Slavic countries.

5 letter words ending with ada

  • abada — (obsolete) The rhinoceros.
  • agada — the nonlegal or narrative material, as parables, maxims, or anecdotes, in the Talmud and other rabbinical literature, serving either to illustrate the meaning or purpose of the law, custom, or Biblical passage being discussed or to introduce a different, unrelated topic.
  • ibada — any of the religious duties of a Muslim, including the recital of the creed, the five daily recitals of prayers, the Ramadan fast, almsgiving, and the pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • scada — Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

6 letter words ending with ada

  • agbada — A long, flowing robe with wide sleeves worn by men in some parts of West Africa, often decorated with embroidery.
  • aggada — in the Talmud and midrash, the anecdotes, parables, legends, philosophy, etc. that explain or illustrate points of law
  • almada — a town in S central Portugal, on the S bank of the Tagus estuary opposite Lisbon: statue of Christ 110 m (360 ft) high, erected 1959. Pop: 160 826 (2001)
  • armada — An armada is a large group of warships.
  • arvada — city in NC Colo.: suburb of Denver: pop. 102,000

7 letter words ending with ada

  • airmada — a large fleet or flight of airplanes assigned to a specific mission: shipping lanes guarded by a giant airmada overhead.
  • bezwada — former name of Vijayawada.
  • cassada — Alternative form of cassava.
  • entrada — (historical) An armed incursion of Spanish conquistadors into American territories.
  • granada — a medieval kingdom along the Mediterranean coast of S Spain.

8 letter words ending with ada

  • barriada — a shantytown section on the outskirts of a large city in Latin America.
  • batucada — A style of repetitive, fast-paced percussive samba.
  • bozcaada — Turkish island in the Aegean, near the Dardanelles: 15 sq mi (39 sq km): in Greek legend, as Tenedos, the base of the Greek fleet in the Trojan War
  • chillada — a kind of fried patty
  • dalriada — a former Gaelic kingdom (5th century ad–9th century ad) comprising Argyll, parts of the Inner Hebrides, and parts of modern Antrim

9 letter words ending with ada

  • enchilada — A rolled tortilla with a filling typically of meat and served with a chili sauce.
  • haramzada — a male born of unmarried parents
  • marmolada — a mountain in N Italy: highest peak of the Dolomites, 11,020 feet (3360 meters).
  • novillada — (bullfighting) A bullfight between a novillo and a novillero.
  • theravada — Hinayanist name for Hinayana.

10 letter words ending with ada

  • aficionada — a female aficionado
  • autostrada — an Italian motorway
  • torquemada — Tomás de [taw-mahs th e] /tɔˈmɑs ðɛ/ (Show IPA), 1420–98, Spanish inquisitor general.
  • vijayawada — a city in E Andhra Pradesh, in SE India, on the delta of the Krishna River.

11 letter words ending with ada

  • classic-ada — (language)   An object-oriented extension to Ada, said to be like Smalltalk. It is implemented as an Ada preprocessor.

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