Words ending with acid

4 letter words ending with acid

  • acid — An acid is a chemical substance, usually a liquid, which contains hydrogen and can react with other substances to form salts. Some acids burn or dissolve other substances that they come into contact with.
  • abietic acid — yellowish powder
  • abscisic acid — a type of acid that causes abscission
  • acetic acid — Acetic acid is a colourless acid. It is the main substance in vinegar.
  • acetoacetic acid — a colorless, oily liquid, C 4 H 6 O 3 , soluble in water, alcohol, and ether: used in synthetic organic chemistry.

6 letter words ending with acid

  • diacid — (of a salt or acid) containing two acidic hydrogen atoms
  • placid — pleasantly calm or peaceful; unruffled; tranquil; serenely quiet or undisturbed: placid waters.
  • lake placid — a town in NE New York, in the Adirondack Mountains: resort.

7 letter words ending with acid

  • antacid — that neutralizes acids; counteracting acidity
  • monacid — (chemistry) Having one hydrogen atom replaceable by a negative or acid atom or radical; capable of neutralizing a monobasic acid.
  • nonacid — Having no acidic properties or content.
  • oxyacid — an inorganic acid containing oxygen.
  • peracid — an oxyacid, the primary element of which is in its highest possible oxidation state, as perchloric acid, HClO 4 , and permanganic acid, HMnO 4 .

8 letter words ending with acid

  • antiacid — Antacid.
  • characid — (zoology) Any member of the Characidae.
  • hydracid — an acid that does not contain oxygen, as hydrochloric acid, HCl.
  • hypoacid — relating to a lower than normal level of acidity
  • monoacid — having one replaceable hydrogen atom or hydroxyl radical.

9 letter words ending with acid

10 letter words ending with acid

  • peroxyacid — an acid derived from hydrogen peroxide and containing the –O–O– group, as peroxysulfuric acid, H 2 S 2 O 8 .
  • pseudoacid — a compound that is not an acid but which undergoes certain typical reactions of an acid

13 letter words ending with acid

  • carbolic-acid — Also called carbolic acid, hydroxybenzene, oxybenzene, phenylic acid. a white, crystalline, water-soluble, poisonous mass, C 6 H 5 OH, obtained from coal tar, or a hydroxyl derivative of benzene: used chiefly as a disinfectant, as an antiseptic, and in organic synthesis.

15 letter words ending with acid

  • pyrogallic-acid — a white, crystalline, water-soluble, poisonous, solid, phenolic compound, C 6 H 3 (OH) 3 , obtained by heating gallic acid and water: used chiefly as a developer in photography, as a mordant for wool, in dyeing, and in medicine in the treatment of certain skin conditions.

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