Words ending with aca

3 letter words ending with aca

  • aca — Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

4 letter words ending with aca

  • caca — heroin
  • maca — Multiple Access with Colision Avoidance
  • paca — a large, white-spotted, almost tailless rodent, Agouti paca, of Central and South America, having features resembling a guinea pig and rabbit: valued as food.
  • raca — a biblical word meaning 'worthless' or 'empty'
  • waca — Western Australian Cricket Association

5 letter words ending with aca

  • abaca — a Philippine plant, Musa textilis, related to the banana: family Musaceae. Its leafstalks are the source of Manila hemp
  • ppaca — The PPACA is a 2010 federal law that reformed some public health insurance programs and parts of the private health insurance industry in the U.S.
  • area opaca — the opaque area of the blastoderm surrounding the area pellucida.

6 letter words ending with aca

  • alpaca — Alpaca is a type of soft wool.
  • camaca — a heavy fabric of silk or mixed fibers, much used in the Middle Ages.
  • cloaca — a cavity in the pelvic region of most vertebrates, except higher mammals, and certain invertebrates, into which the alimentary canal and the genital and urinary ducts open
  • ithaca — one of the Ionian Islands, off the W coast of Greece: legendary home of Ulysses. 37 sq. mi. (96 sq. km). Greek Itháki.
  • maraca — a gourd or a gourd-shaped rattle filled with seeds or pebbles and used, often in a pair, as a rhythm instrument.

7 letter words ending with aca

  • cachaca — a white Brazilian rum made from sugar cane
  • ostraca — (in ancient Greece) a potsherd, especially one used as a ballot on which the name of a person voted to be ostracized was inscribed.

8 letter words ending with aca

  • jararaca — A species of venomous snake found in South America, Bothrops jararaca.
  • titicacaLake, a lake on the boundary between S Peru and W Bolivia, in the Andes: the largest lake in the region; the highest large lake in the world. 3200 sq. mi. (8290 sq. km); 12,508 feet (3812 meters) above sea level.
  • lake titicaca — a lake between S Peru and W Bolivia, in the Andes: the highest large lake in the world; drained by the Desaguadero River flowing into Lake Poopó. Area: 8135 sq km (3141 sq miles). Altitude: 3809 m (12 497 ft). Depth: 370 m (1214 ft)

9 letter words ending with aca

  • portulaca — any of various fleshy-leaved plants of the genus Portulaca, especially P. grandiflora, widely cultivated for its showy, variously colored flowers.

10 letter words ending with aca

  • chachalaca — any of several slender guans of the genus Ortalis, of Central America, Mexico, and southern Texas, having loud, harsh cries.
  • cuernavaca — a city in S central Mexico, capital of Morelos state: resort with nearby Cacahuamilpa Caverns. Pop: 723 000 (2005 est)
  • koulibiaca — A Russian dish of salmon, rice etc. cooked in puff pastry.

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