Words ending with ab

2 letter words ending with ab

  • ab — In some American universities, an AB is the same as a BA.
  • lund software house ab — (company)   The company who produced Lund Simula. Address: Box 7056, S-22007 Lund, Sweden.
  • mysql ab — (company)   The Swedish company that developes, distributes and supports the MySQL open source rdbms. MySQL AB is a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems, themselves acquired by Oracle Corporation on 2009-04-20.
  • sysdeco mimer ab — (company)   Part of the international software group Sysdeco Group AS. They developed the MIMER RDBMS. Address: Uppsala, Sweden.
  • upright database technology ab — (company)   The Swedish company that developed the Mimer SQL database.

3 letter words ending with ab

  • aab — (military) initialism of anti-aircraft battery.
  • bab — the Bab title of Mirza Ali Mohammed. 1819–50, Persian religious leader: founded Babism; executed as a heretic of Islam
  • cab — A cab is a taxi.
  • dab — DAB is the transmission of digital stereo over conventional radio channels. DAB is an abbreviation for 'digital audio broadcasting'.
  • fab — fabulous (def 2).

4 letter words ending with ab

  • abab — A Turkish sailor who plies in coasting craft.
  • ahab — the king of Israel from approximately 869 to 850 bc and husband of Jezebel: rebuked by Elijah (I Kings 16:29–22:40)
  • arab — Arabs are people who speak Arabic and who come from the Middle East and parts of North Africa.
  • blab — If someone blabs about something secret, they tell people about it.
  • crab — A crab is a sea creature with a flat round body covered by a shell, and five pairs of legs with large claws on the front pair. Crabs usually move sideways.

5 letter words ending with ab

  • achab — Ahab (def 1).
  • akyab — former name of Sittwe.
  • cohab — a cohabiter
  • detab — DEcision TABle. A decision table COBOL preprocessor written by A. Chapman in 1964. Versions: DETAB 65, DETAB X.
  • dorab — wolf herring.

6 letter words ending with ab

  • aintab — Gaziantep
  • baobab — a bombacaceous tree, Adansonia digitata, native to Africa, that has a very thick trunk, large white flowers, and a gourdlike fruit with an edible pulp called monkey bread
  • chenab — a river rising in the Himalayas and flowing southwest to the Sutlej River in Pakistan. Length: 1087 km (675 miles)
  • collab — a collaboration
  • confab — A confab is an informal, private conversation.

7 letter words ending with ab

  • conflab — (informal) A discussion.
  • crontab — (computing, Unix) A table of commands to be executed periodically.
  • godthåb — capital of Greenland, on the SW coast: pop. 12,000
  • inqilab — (in India, Pakistan, etc) revolution (esp in the phrase inqilab zindabad long live the revolution)
  • lib-lab — characterizing cooperation between the Liberal and the Labour party in the UK in the 20th century

8 letter words ending with ab

  • backstab — to attack in a deceitful manner
  • landgrab — the seizing of land by a nation, state, or organization, especially illegally, underhandedly, or unfairly.
  • liquitab — a soluble plastic capsule containing liquid detergent or medicine
  • spacelab — a manned laboratory in space, developed by the European Space Agency, carried aboard an orbiting space shuttle.
  • thinglab — A simulation system written in Smalltalk-80. It solves constraints using value inference. Version: ThingLab II.

9 letter words ending with ab

  • bafflegab — deliberately obscure language employed in official documents
  • cetuximab — a monoclonal antibody used to treat cancer
  • lift-slab — noting or pertaining to a technique of constructing multistory buildings in which all horizontal slabs are cast at ground level and, when ready, are raised into position by hydraulic jacks.
  • rituximab — a monoclonal antibody used to treat non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • smack-dab — directly; squarely: smack-dab in the middle.

10 letter words ending with ab

  • infliximab — A chimeric monoclonal antibody used to treat autoimmune disorders.

11 letter words ending with ab

  • alaska-crab — horseshoe crab.
  • ibritumomab — A monoclonal antibody which is linked with yttrium-90 as the drug ibritumomab tiuxetan.
  • shish-kebab — to broil or roast food on a skewer.

13 letter words ending with ab

  • shatt-al-arab — a river in SE Iraq, formed by the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, flowing SE to the Persian Gulf. 123 miles (198 km) long.

14 letter words ending with ab

  • smash-and-grab — A smash-and-grab is a robbery in which a person breaks a shop window, takes the things that are on display there, and runs away with them.

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