Words ending with 9

1 letter words ending with 9

  • luna 9 — the Soviet lunar space-probe which made the first soft landing on the moon (1966)
  • plan 9 — (operating system)   (Named after the classically bad, exceptionally low-budget SF film "Plan 9 from Outer Space") An operating system developed at Bell Labs by many researchers previously intimately involved with Unix. Plan 9 is superficially Unix-like but features far finer control over the name-space (on a per-process basis) and is inherently distributed and scalable. Plan 9 is divided according to service functions. CPU servers concentrate computing power into large multiprocessors; file servers provide repositories for storage and terminals give each user of the system a dedicated computer with bitmap screen and mouse on which to run a window system. The sharing of computing and file storage services provides a sense of community for a group of programmers, amortises costs and centralises and hence simplifies management and administration. The pieces communicate by a single protocol, built above a reliable data transport layer offered by an appropriate network, that defines each service as a rooted tree of files. Even for services not usually considered as files, the unified design permits some simplification. Each process has a local file name space that contains attachments to all services the process is using and thereby to the files in those services. One of the most important jobs of a terminal is to support its user's customised view of the entire system as represented by the services visible in the name space.
  • shoemaker-levy 9 — a comet that was captured into an orbit around Jupiter and later broke up, the fragments colliding with Jupiter in July 1995
  • std 9 — The STD defining File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

2 letter words ending with 9

3 letter words ending with 9

  • human parvovirus b19 — Pathology. a mild infection, most often seen in children or young adults, caused by a small virus ((the human parvovirus B19)) and marked by a blotchy rash on the cheeks, arms, and legs.
  • ibm 709 — (computer)   A computer made by IBM oriented toward scientific work. The 709 had the same basic architecture as the IBM 704 but with many I/O and performance refinements over the 704. The IBM 709 (like the 704) had 36-bit memory words, 15-bit addresses and instructions with one address. A few index register instructions had the infamous 15-bit decrement field in addition to the 15-bit address. The IBM 7090 was a transistorised version of the 709.
  • iec 559 — IEEE Floating Point Standard
  • rfc 959 — (networking, standard)   The RFC containing the official specification of File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • uranium 239 — the uranium isotope with a mass number 239. It is artificially produced by the neutron bombardment of uranium 238.

4 letter words ending with 9

  • 6309 — Hitachi 6309
  • 6809 — Motorola 6809
  • b-29 — Superfortress.
  • de-9 — (hardware)   The standard 9-pin D-shell connector used for EIA-232 serial communication. DE-9 is a common alternative to DB-25, especially on personal computers.
  • os-9 — (operating system)   A real-time operating system written by Microware Corporation. The original version was written about 1978 for the Motorola 6809 and has since been ported to the Motorola 68000, Intel 80386, Intel 486, and the PowerPC. The kernel of OS-9 is ROMable, modular, with a unified file system, allowing it to easily be scaled up or down as required.

5 letter words ending with 9

  • gif89 — Graphics Interchange Format
  • u-239 — the uranium isotope with a mass number 239. It is artificially produced by the neutron bombardment of uranium 238.
  • x.209 — Basic Encoding Rules
  • x.219 — Remote Operations Service Element
  • x.229 — Remote Operations Service Element

6 letter words ending with 9

7 letter words ending with 9

  • eia-449 — (communications, standard)   (Formerly "RS-449") An EIA standard for a 37-pin or 9-pin D-type connector (functional- and mechanical characteristics), usually used with EIA-422 or EIA-423 electrical specifications.

10 letter words ending with 9

  • specmark89 — (benchmark)   An old SPECmark benchmark result derived from a set of floating-point and integer benchmarks. It is the geometric mean of ten SPEC ratios of the outdated 1989 SPEC benchmark suite. The use of SPECmark89 is strongly discouraged, having been superseded by CINT92 and CFP92.

11 letter words ending with 9

  • nonoxynol-9 — the active ingredient of spermicides.

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