Words ending with 86

2 letter words ending with 86

  • cluster 86 — (language)   A distributed object-oriented language by L. Shang <[email protected]> of Nanjing University, ca. 1986. A cluster is a metatype. There are versions for MS-DOS and Unix.

3 letter words ending with 86

  • 386 — Intel 80386
  • 486 — Intel 486
  • 586 — (processor)   What Intel's Pentium was not called.
  • 686 — (processor)   Pentium Pro or possibly Cyrix 6x86.
  • intel 486 — (processor)   (Or "i486", "iAPX 80486", and "Intel DX4" but usually just "486"). A range of Intel CISC microprocessors which is part of the Intel 80x86 family of processors. The 486s are very similar to their immediate predecessor, the Intel 80386DX. The main differences are that the 486 has an optimised instruction set, has an on-chip unified instruction and data cache, an optional on-chip floating-point unit (FPU), and an enhanced bus interface unit. These improvements yield a rough doubling in performance over an Intel 80386 at the same clock rate. There are several suffixes and variants including: 486DX-2 - runs at twice the external clock rate. 486SX-2 - runs at twice the external clock rate. 486SL - 486DX with power conservation circuitry. 486SL-NM - 486SX with power conservation circuitry; SL enhanced suffix, denotes a 486 with special power conservation circuitry similar to that in the 486SL processors. 487 - 486DX with a slightly different pinout for use in 486SX systems. OverDrive - 486DX-2 with a slightly different pinout for use in 486SX systems. External clock rates include 16MHz, 20MHz, 25MHz, 33MHz, 40MHz, although 16Mhz is rare now, and the 20MHz processors are often clock doubled. The 486 processor has been licensed or reverse engineered by other companies such as IBM, AMD, Cyrix, and Chips & Technologies. Some are almost exact duplicates in specications and performance, some aren't. The successor to the 486 is the Pentium.

4 letter words ending with 86

  • 6x86 — Cyrix 6x86
  • 8086 — Intel 8086
  • 8x86 — Intel 80x86
  • c386 — (tool)   A compiler for K&R C plus prototypes and other ANSI C features by Matthew Brandt, Christoph van Wuellen, Keith and Dave Walker. c386 is targetted to several 68000 and Intel 80386 assemblers, including gas. floating-point support is by inline code or emulation. It can produce lots of warnings and generates better code than ACK.
  • i386 — Intel 80386

5 letter words ending with 86

6 letter words ending with 86

  • bsd386 — 386BSD
  • emm386 — (software, storage)   An expanded memory manager for IBM PCs with an Intel 80386 or higher processor, part of MS-DOS version 5.00 or higher. EMM386 uses extended memory to simulate expanded memory and also provides upper memory blocks. It must be loaded by a DEVICE= command in your CONFIG.SYS file.
  • ru-486 — mifepristone.

7 letter words ending with 86

  • qemm386 — (software, storage)   A combined expanded memory manager and extended memory manager for IBM PCs with an Intel 80386 or higher processor from Quarterdeck Office Systems. QEMM386 can also act as an UMB provider and an A20 handler.

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