Words ending with 800

4 letter words ending with 800

  • 6800 — Motorola 6800
  • altair 8800 — (computer)   An Intel 8080-based machine made by MITS. The Altair was the first popular microcomputer kit. It appeared on the cover of the January 1975 "Popular Electronics" magazine with an article (probably) by Leslie Solomon. Leslie Solomon was an editor at Popular Electronics who had a knack for spotting kits that would interest people and make them buy the magazine. The Altair 8800 was one such. The MITS guys took the prototype Altair to New York to show Solomon, but couldn't get it to work after the flight. Nonetheless, he liked it, and it appeared on the cover as "The first minicomputer in a kit." Solomon's blessing was important enough that some MITS competitors named their product the "SOL" to gain his favour. Some wags suggested SOL was actually an abbreviation for the condition in which kit purchasers would find themselves. The original Altair BASIC ran in less than 4K of RAM because a "loaded" Altair had 4K memory. Since there was no operating system on the Altair, Altair BASIC included what we now think of as BIOS. It was distributed on paper tape that could be read on a Teletype. Later versions supported the 8K Altair and the 16K diskette-based Altair (demonstrating that, even in the 1970s, Microsoft was committed to software bloat). Altair BASIC was ported to the Motorola 6800 for the Altair 680 machine, and to other 8080-based microcomputers produced by MITS' competitors.
  • dream 6800 — (computer)   A computer based on the Motorola 6800 microprocessor. The DREAM 6800 could be programmed in CHIP-8.
  • motorola 6800 — (processor)   A microprocessor released shortly after the Intel 8080, in about 1975. It had 78 instructions, including the undocumented HCF (Halt and Catch Fire) bus test instruction. The 6800 evolved into the Motorola 6801 and 6803. The 6502 was based on the design of the 6800 but had one less data register and one more index register.

6 letter words ending with 800

  • arm800 — (processor)   A microprocessor based on the ARM8 processor core designed by Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. Planned features include a 60-100Mhz clock rate; 0.35-0.4 micron silicon fabrication; an improvement on the ARM7's 1.4 cycle/instruction; a 16 Kbyte cache. Some estimates were 100 MIPS and 120 Kdhrystones at 70Mhz (twice the ARM700). Samples of the ARM800 are expected to be available in late 1995. It may run on a voltage below 3.3V.

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