Words ending with 80

3 letter words ending with 80

  • z80 — Zilog Z80
  • zilog z80 — (processor)   An 8-bit microprocessor. It was released in July 1976 with a 2.5 MHz clock rate. The Z80 was a much improved Intel 8080 (as was the Intel 8085). It also used 8-bit data and 16-bit addressing, and could execute all of the 8080 op codes as well as 80 new ones, instructions that included 1, 4, 8 and 16-bit operations and even block move and block I/O instructions. The register set was doubled, with two banks of registers (including A and F) that could be switched between. This allowed fast operating system or interrupt context switches. It features 3 types of interrupt mode. The Z80 also added two index registers (IX and IY) and relocatable vectored interrupts (via the 8-bit IV register). Like many processors (including the 8085), the Z80 featured many undocumented op codes. Chip area near the edge was used for added instructions, but fabrication made the failure of these high. Instructions that often failed were just not documented, increasing chip yield. Later fabrication made these more reliable. The thing that really made the Z80 popular was the memory interface - the CPU generated it's own RAM refresh signals, which meant easier design and lower system cost. That and its 8080 compatibility and CP/M, the first standard microprocessor operating system, made it the first choice of many systems. In addition to the original Z80 (2.5 MHz) there are the Zilog Z80A (4 MHz), Zilog Z80B (6MHz) and Zilog Z80H (8 MHz) versions. The popular Hitachi HD64180 processor family adds peripherals and an MMU to the Z80. The Zilog Z280 was an enhanced version with an MMU and many new op codes. The Z80 was used in the first Nintendo Game Boy. A Sharp Z80 work-alike was used in the GameBoy Color, running at 4 MHz for GameBoy software or at 8 MHz for Game Boy Color software. The Z80 was used in the Sega Master System and the Game Gear. It was also used in the Sega Genesis for hardware reverse compatibility with the Sega Master System through a special cartridge.

4 letter words ending with 80

  • 2780 — Binary Synchronous Transmission
  • 3780 — Binary Synchronous Transmission
  • 8080 — Intel 8080
  • m-80 — a class of large, powerful firecrackers.
  • z180 — (processor)   An 8-bit microprocessor, code compatible with the Zilog Z80 and based on a design from Hitachi which is in turn based on the Zilog Z80.

5 letter words ending with 80

  • x.680 — (standard)  
  • zx-80 — (computer)   Sinclair's cheap personal computer with built-in BASIC, launched at the end of January 1980 at a computer fair in Wembley, UK. The processor was an NEC 780-C running at 3.25 MHz. It had 1KB of RAM, externally expandable to 16KB, and 4KB of ROM. It had RF video output to a TV, displaying 24 lines by 32 characters of monochrome text. An audio cassette recorder was used to save programs. The ZX-80 was sold in kit form for £79.95 or ready-built for £99.95. It was used by many UK hobbyists as a means of learning the basics of computing. Some remember the 1KB ZX-80 for the claim in its advertising that you could control a nuclear power station with it. The ZX-80 was succeeded by the ZX-81.
  • itu-t x.680 — Coordinated Universal Time

6 letter words ending with 80

  • trs-80 — (computer)   A series of personal computers sold by Tandy Radio Shack. The '80' refers to the use of Zilog Z-80 processor (NOT Intel 80x8x). There were 7.5 computers in the TRS-80 line: Models I, II, III, 4, 100, 102, 200. The Model 4P was a portable version of the Model 4 with no tape drive -- only 2 1/2-height single sided disk drives. Later models that Radio Shack produced were not TRS-80 machines -- they were based on the Intel 80x8x architecture. These included Tandy 1000, Tandy 2000, Tandy 3000, and others. The 1000 had a proprietary Color card. The 2000 was a powerful machine for its time, but was based on the Intel 80186, so when IBM didn't build a computer based on this chip, it failed. It was used to design a boat for the America's Cup. The TRS-80 GUI, DeskMate, was proprietary, but no more than Windoze at the time. Many joke about "TRaSh-80" machines but several models were in fact classics of their time.

7 letter words ending with 80

  • hitachi hd64180 — (processor)   A processor family which adds peripherals and an MMU to the Zilog Z80.

8 letter words ending with 80

  • trash-80 — Derogatory name for Tandy's TRS-80.

9 letter words ending with 80

  • pascal-80 — A successor of Platon. Developed at RC International for systems programming. Later it was renamed Real-Time Pascal. "PASCAL80 Report", J. Staunstrup, RC Intl, Denmark Jan 1980.

12 letter words ending with 80

  • smalltalk-80 — (language)   The classic standard Smalltalk dialect, described in Adele's book, cited below, commonly known as "The Blue Book". Mail server: [email protected]

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