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  • v.21 — (protocol, standard)   An ITU-T modem protocol for 300 bps two-wire full-duplex communications using Frequency Shift Keying modulation. All modern modems support both V.21 and the close variant, Bell 103.
  • mpeg-21 — (compression, standard, algorithm, file format)   A file format designed to merge very different things in one object, so you can store interactive material in this format (audio, video, questions, answers, overlays, non-linear order, calculation from user inputs, etc.)
  • rfc 1321 — (messaging, standard)   The RFC defining the Message Digest 5 algorithm.
  • rfc 1521 — (messaging, standard)   An RFC defining Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME). This RFC has been obsoleted by RFC 2045, RFC 2046, RFC 2047, RFC 2048, RFC 2049, and BCP0013.
  • rfc 2821 — (networking, standard)   The RFC describing SMTP. RFC 2821 supersedes RFC 821.
  • x.21 — (communications, standard)   A digital signaling interface recommended by ITU-T that includes specifications for DTE/DCE physical interface elements, alignment of call control characters and error checking, elements of the call control phase for circuit switched services, data transfer at up to 2 Mbps, and test loops. 64 kbps is the most commonly used transfer rate.
  • rfc 821 — (messaging, standard)   The original RFC defining SMTP. Updated by RFC 2821.
  • ieee 802 — (networking, standard)   The IEEE standards for local area networks. The spanning tree algorithm is defined in IEEE 802.1 (under consideration), Logical Link Control (LLC, the upper portion of the data link layer) in IEEE 802.2, Ethernet in IEEE 802.3, Token Bus in IEEE 802.4 and IBM Token Ring in IEEE 802.5. The equivalent ISO standard is IS 8802.
  • ieee 802.2 — (Networks) The IEEE standard defining Logical Link Control (LLC, the upper portion of the data link layer) for local area networks.