Words ending with 09

3 letter words ending with 09

  • ibm 709 — (computer)   A computer made by IBM oriented toward scientific work. The 709 had the same basic architecture as the IBM 704 but with many I/O and performance refinements over the 704. The IBM 709 (like the 704) had 36-bit memory words, 15-bit addresses and instructions with one address. A few index register instructions had the infamous 15-bit decrement field in addition to the 15-bit address. The IBM 7090 was a transistorised version of the 709.

4 letter words ending with 09

  • 6309 — Hitachi 6309
  • 6809 — Motorola 6809
  • hitachi 6309 — (processor)   (HD6309) Hitachi's version of the Motorola 6809 microprocessor. Compatible with the 6809, it added two new eight-bit registers that could be added to form a second 16-bit register, and all four eight-bit registers could form a 32-bit register. It also featured division, and some 32-bit arithmetic and was generally 30% faster in native mode. This information, surprisingly, was never published by Hitachi.
  • motorola 6809 — (processor)   (MC6809) An eight-bit microprocessor from Motorola, Inc.. The 6809 was a major advance over both its predecessor, the Motorola 6800 and the 6502. The 6809 had two 8-bit accumulators, rather than one in the 6502, and could combine them into a single 16-bit register. It also featured two index registers and two stack pointers, which allowed for some very advanced addressing modes. The 6809 was source compatible with the 6800, even though the 6800 had 78 instructions and the 6809 only had around 59 (including a SEX instruction). Some instructions were replaced by more general ones which the assembler would translate and some were replaced by addressing modes. The 6809 had one of the first multiplication instructions of the time, 16-bit arithmetic and a special fast interrupt. But it was also highly optimised, gaining up to five times the speed of the 6800 series CPU. Like the 6800, it included the undocumented HCF (Halt and Catch Fire) bus test instruction. The Hitachi 6309 was a version with extra registers. The 6809 was used in the UK "Dragon 32" personal computer and was followed by the Motorola 68000. Lennart Benschop <[email protected]> posted a emulator (originally called "usim") and a cross-assembler to Usenet newsgroup alt.sources on 1993-11-03. Ray P. Bellis <[email protected]> released a version 0.11.
  • rfc 1509 — (security, standard)   One of the RFCs defining GSS-API.

5 letter words ending with 09

  • x.209 — Basic Encoding Rules
  • x.409 — (standard, messaging)   Part of the X.400 electronic mail specification which included the original definition of Abstract Syntax Notation 1.
  • itu x.209 — Basic Encoding Rules

6 letter words ending with 09

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