Words containing yah

3 letter words containing yah

  • yah — An upper-class person.

4 letter words containing yah

  • ayah — (in the East, Africa, and other parts of the former British Empire) a maidservant, nursemaid, or governess, esp one of Indian or Malay origin
  • yahs — Plural form of yah.

5 letter words containing yah

  • ayahs — Plural form of ayah.
  • rayah — a Christian subject of an Ottoman ruler.
  • yahoo — (in Swift's Gulliver's Travels) one of a race of brutes, having the form and all the vices of humans, who are subject to the Houyhnhnms.

6 letter words containing yah

  • aliyah — immigration to the Holy Land
  • gunyah — an aboriginal hut or shelter.
  • hooyah — (US, military) Official battle yell of the US Navy.
  • jizyah — the poll tax formerly paid by minority religious groups within the Muslim empire.
  • moryah — an exclamation of annoyance, disbelief, etc

7 letter words containing yah

  • gunyahs — Plural form of gunyah.
  • taqiyah — the practice of denying one's religion, permissible when one is faced with persecution, especially by Sunnites: regarded as a means of protecting the religion.
  • taziyah — a passion play commemorating the martyrdom of Hussein, grandson of Muhammad and son of Ali and Fatima, on the tenth of Muharram, a.d. 680.
  • yahwism — the worship of Yahweh or the religious system based on such worship.
  • yahwist — a writer of the earliest major source of the Hexateuch, in which God is characteristically referred to as Yahweh rather than Elohim.

8 letter words containing yah

  • sequoyah — 1770?–1843, Cherokee Indian scholar: inventor of a syllabary for writing Cherokee.
  • ta'ziyah — a passion play commemorating the martyrdom of Hussein, grandson of Muhammad and son of Ali and Fatima, on the tenth of Muharram, a.d. 680.
  • yahooism — The behaviour or attitudes of yahoos; ignorant boorishness.
  • yahrzeit — the anniversary of the death of a parent, sibling, child, or spouse, observed by lighting a memorial lamp or candle the night before and reciting the Kaddish at the evening service of the day before and at the morning and afternoon services of the day itself.

9 letter words containing yah

  • ayahuasca — a Brazilian plant, Banisteriopsis caapi, that has winged fruits and yields a powerful hallucinogenic alkaloid sometimes used to treat certain disorders of the central nervous system: family Malpighiaceae
  • nasiriyah — a city in S Iraq, on the River Euphrates; agricultural and trading centre. Pop: 425 000 (2005 est)
  • netanyahuBenjamin, born 1949, Israeli prime minister 1996–99.
  • qadariyah — the group who defended free will against the doctrine of predestination.
  • qadiriyah — a Sufi fraternity founded by ʿAbd al-Qadir al-Jilani (1077–1166) in the 12th century.

10 letter words containing yah

  • ahmadiyyah — a messianic Islamic sect founded in Qadian, India, in 1889 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; it split into two branches in 1914
  • dahabeeyah — Alt form dahabieh.
  • pratyahara — the Yogic practice of turning the mind to introspection by voluntarily shutting out distractions provided by the senses.

12 letter words containing yah

15 letter words containing yah

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