Words containing wha

3 letter words containing wha

  • wha — Eye dialect of what.

4 letter words containing wha

  • wham — a loud sound produced by an explosion or sharp impact: the wham of a pile driver.
  • whap — A blow; a hit; a variation of whop.
  • what — the true nature or identity of something, or the sum of its characteristics: a lecture on the whats and hows of crop rotation.
  • ywha — Young Women's Hebrew Association

5 letter words containing wha

  • whack — to strike with a smart, resounding blow or blows.
  • whale — any of the larger marine mammals of the order Cetacea, especially as distinguished from the smaller dolphins and porpoises, having a fishlike body, forelimbs modified into flippers, and a head that is horizontally flattened.
  • whall — A light colour of the iris in horses; the state of being walleyed.
  • whams — a loud sound produced by an explosion or sharp impact: the wham of a pile driver.
  • whang — a thong, especially of leather.

6 letter words containing wha

  • awhato — the mummified body of a caterpillar killed by the fungus Cordyceps robertsii, sometimes used as a dye
  • kowhai — a New Zealand tree, Sophora tetraptera, of the legume family, having clusters of golden-yellow flowers.
  • newham — a borough of Greater London, England.
  • whacko — wacko.
  • whacks — Plural form of whack.

7 letter words containing wha

  • cowhage — a tropical, leguminous vine (Mucuna pruriens) bearing pods covered with fine barbed hairs that easily penetrate animal or human skin, causing intense itching: some strains are grown for forage
  • cowhand — a hired man who herds and tends cattle, usually on horseback, esp in the western US
  • narwhal — a small arctic whale, Monodon monoceros, the male of which has a long, spirally twisted tusk extending forward from the upper jaw.
  • taniwha — a legendary Māori monster
  • whacked — exhausted; tired out.

8 letter words containing wha

  • blowhard — If you describe someone as a blowhard, you mean that they express their opinions very forcefully, and usually in a boastful way.
  • cowhands — Plural form of cowhand.
  • gunwhale — Misspelling of gunwale.
  • mostwhat — most
  • narwhals — Plural form of narwhal.

9 letter words containing wha

  • bullwhack — to flog with a short whip
  • bushwhack — to ambush
  • whakapapa — Genealogy, a fundamental principle of M\u0101ori culture that is critical in establishing one's identity.
  • whaleback — Nautical. a cargo vessel having a hull with a convex deck. a deck or cover curving upward.
  • whaleboat — a long, narrow boat designed for quick turning and use in rough seas: formerly used in whaling, now mainly for sea rescue.

10 letter words containing wha

  • clawhammer — denoting a style of plucking the strings of a banjo in which the hand forms a clawlike shape
  • kowhaiwhai — a type of ornamental Māori art that uses elaborate scroll patterns
  • paddywhack — Informal. a spanking.
  • whaikorero — the art of formal speech-making
  • whalebacks — Plural form of whaleback.

11 letter words containing wha

  • antiwhaling — opposed to whale fishing
  • bullwhacker — (especially in the early 19th century) the driver of a team of oxen.
  • bushwhacker — a person who travels around or lives in thinly populated woodlands
  • googlewhack — A Google search result consisting of a single hit, in response to a search on two separate words.
  • parataniwha — a New Zealand plant, Elatostema rugosa, with pink and red serrated leaves

12 letter words containing wha

  • bushwhacking — to make one's way through woods by cutting at undergrowth, branches, etc.
  • chickasawhay — a river in SE Mississippi, flowing S to the Pascagoula River. 210 miles (338 km) long.
  • whataboutery — (of two communities in conflict) the practice of repeatedly blaming the other side and referring to events from the past
  • whatshername — A female person or entity, whose name one does not remember but that is known to the person to which one is speaking.
  • whatshisname — Used to refer to a person whose name one cannot recall, does not know, or does not wish to specify.

13 letter words containing wha

  • googlewhacker — One who searches for googlewhacks.
  • pipiwharauroa — a Pacific migratory bird with a metallic green-gold plumage
  • who-does-what — (of a dispute, strike, etc) relating to the separation of kinds of work performed by different trade unions
  • yellowhammers — Plural form of yellowhammer.

14 letter words containing wha

  • choctawhatchee — a river in SE Alabama and NW Florida, flowing S to Choctawhatchee Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. 174 miles (280 km) long.
  • googlewhacking — The action of searching for googlewhacks.
  • whachamacallit — an object or person whose name one does not know or cannot recall.
  • whaddayacallit — A metasyntactic term used for any object whose actual name the speaker does not know or cannot remember.

15 letter words containing wha

16 letter words containing wha

19 letter words containing wha

20 letter words containing wha

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