Words containing weep

4 letter words containing weep

  • weep — to express grief, sorrow, or any overpowering emotion by shedding tears; shed tears; cry: to weep for joy; to weep with rage.

5 letter words containing weep

  • fweep — (WPI) One step below a gweep, a person who uses the system solely to play games and use electronic mail. Compare dweeb, twink, terminal junkie, tourist, weenie.
  • gweep — /gweep/ To hack, usually at night, or one who does so. At WPI, from 1977 onward, gweeps could often be found at the College Computing Center punching cards or crashing the PDP-10 or, later, the DEC-20. The term has survived the demise of those technologies, however, and is still alive in late 1991. "I'm going to go gweep for a while. See you in the morning." "I gweep from 8 PM till 3 AM during the week." "Gweep" originated as an onomatopeiac term, evoking the sound of the (once-ubiquitous) Hazeltine 9000 terminals' bell on WPI campus. A gweep is one step above a fweep.
  • sweep — to move or remove (dust, dirt, etc.) with or as if with a broom, brush, or the like.
  • weeps — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of weep.
  • weepy — weeping or tending to weep; tearful; lachrymose.

6 letter words containing weep

  • beweep — to grieve for by weeping
  • sweeps — a sweepstakes.
  • sweepy — sweeping.
  • weeped — Simple past tense and past participle of weep (drainage sense).
  • weeper — a person who weeps.

7 letter words containing weep

  • ensweep — to sweep across
  • outweep — to weep more or for a longer time than
  • sweeper — a person or thing that sweeps.
  • tweeple — people who communicate via the Twitter website
  • upsweep — to sweep upward.

8 letter words containing weep

  • outsweep — an outward movement of arms in swimming breaststroke
  • peesweep — an early spring storm
  • sweeping — of wide range or scope.
  • weephole — a small drain hole in a wall

9 letter words containing weep

  • sweep-saw — a saw with a thin blade that can be used for cutting curved shapes
  • sweepback — the shape of, or the angle formed by, an airplane wing or other airfoil the leading or trailing edge of which slopes backward from the fuselage.
  • sweepings — of wide range or scope.
  • weepiness — Quality of being weepy.
  • weepingly — In a weeping manner.

10 letter words containing weep

11 letter words containing weep

  • lakshadweep — a union territory of India comprising a group of islands and coral reefs in the Arabian Sea, off the SW coast of India. About 12 sq. mi. (31 sq. km).
  • minesweeper — a specially equipped ship used for dragging a body of water in order to remove or destroy enemy mines.
  • sweepstakes — a sweepstakes.

12 letter words containing weep

  • chimneysweep — Alternative form of chimney sweep.
  • mine-sweeper — a specially equipped ship used for dragging a body of water in order to remove or destroy enemy mines.
  • minesweepers — Plural form of minesweeper.
  • minesweeping — (nautical) The detection and safe disposal of mines.
  • sweep-second — (on a timepiece) a second hand that is a sweep hand.

14 letter words containing weep

  • carpet-sweeper — a household device with a revolving brush for sweeping carpets

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