Words containing wea

3 letter words containing wea

  • wea — Workers' Educational Association

4 letter words containing wea

  • weak — not strong; liable to yield, break, or collapse under pressure or strain; fragile; frail: a weak fortress; a weak spot in armor.
  • weal — wheal.
  • wean — to accustom (a child or young animal) to food other than its mother's milk; cause to lose the need to suckle or turn to the mother for food.
  • wear — to carry or have on the body or about the person as a covering, equipment, ornament, or the like: to wear a coat; to wear a saber; to wear a disguise.

5 letter words containing wea

  • sweal — the guttering of a candle
  • swear — to make a solemn declaration or affirmation by some sacred being or object, as a deity or the Bible.
  • sweat — to perspire, especially freely or profusely.
  • tweak — to pinch and pull with a jerk and twist: to tweak someone's ear; to tweak someone's nose.
  • weaky — (UK dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) Moist; damp; clammy.

6 letter words containing wea

  • aweary — weary; tired (of)
  • crowea — an Australian shrub of the genus Crowea, having pink flowers
  • rewear — to carry or have on the body or about the person as a covering, equipment, ornament, or the like: to wear a coat; to wear a saber; to wear a disguise.
  • sweary — characterized by or involving the use of swearwords
  • sweats — to perspire, especially freely or profusely.

7 letter words containing wea

  • beweary — to cause to be weary
  • daywear — clothes for everyday or informal wear
  • eyewear — Things worn on the eyes, such as spectacles and contact lenses.
  • inweave — to weave in or together.
  • legwear — Hosiery.

8 letter words containing wea

  • antiwear — preventing deterioration as a result of use
  • aweather — towards the weather
  • babywear — Babywear is a clothing product category for babies and infants up to 2 years old.
  • bodywear — close-fitting clothing, as leotards or bodysuits, made of lightweight, usually stretch fabrics and worn for exercising, dancing, or leisure activity.
  • footwear — articles to be worn on the feet, as shoes, slippers, or boots.

9 letter words containing wea

  • beachwear — Beachwear is the things people wear for swimming.
  • bioweapon — Bioweapons are biological weapons.
  • croweater — (Australia, slang) A person from South Australia.
  • dancewear — clothing, as leotards and tutus, designed for dancing or dance practice.
  • footwears — Plural form of footwear.

10 letter words containing wea

  • activewear — clothing for wear while engaging in sports, recreation, etc.; sportswear
  • casualwear — clothing designed for wear on informal occasions.
  • commonweal — the good of the community
  • cruisewear — clothing which is suitable for wearing while on a cruise
  • formalwear — clothing designed for or customarily worn on formal occasions, as tuxedos and evening gowns.

11 letter words containing wea

  • all-weather — All-weather sports take place on an artificial surface instead of on grass.
  • basketweave — a weave of two or more yarns together, resembling that of a basket, esp in wool or linen fabric
  • bridewealth — (in some nonindustrial societies) the money or goods given to the family of a bride by the bridegroom or his family.
  • casual-wear — clothing designed for wear on informal occasions.
  • electroweak — combining both the electromagnetic and weak forces or interactions

12 letter words containing wea

  • basketweaver — a person who advocates simple, natural, and unsophisticated living
  • breakweather — any makeshift shelter.
  • commonwealth — The Commonwealth is an organization consisting of the United Kingdom and most of the countries that were previously under its rule.
  • fair-weather — used in or intended for fair weather only.
  • hard-wearing — resistant to extensive wear; durable: a pair of hardwearing jeans.

13 letter words containing wea

14 letter words containing wea

  • wear-resistant — resistant to damage from normal wear or usage
  • weather-beaten — bearing evidences of wear or damage as a result of exposure to the weather.
  • weatherability — the property of a material that permits it to endure or resist exposure to the weather.
  • weatherboarded — Simple past tense and past participle of weatherboard.
  • weatherglasses — Plural form of weatherglass.

15 letter words containing wea

16 letter words containing wea

17 letter words containing wea

  • weather-resistant — resisting the effects of severe weather, as rain or cold: weather-resistant cloth for topcoats.

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