Words containing wav

4 letter words containing wav

  • wave — a member of the Waves.
  • wavy — curving alternately in opposite directions; undulating: a wavy course; wavy hair.

5 letter words containing wav

  • awave — in waves
  • swave — a transverse earthquake wave that travels through the interior of the earth and is usually the second conspicuous wave to reach a seismograph.
  • waved — having a form, outline, or appearance resembling waves; undulating.
  • waver — to sway to and fro; flutter: Foliage wavers in the breeze.
  • waves — a member of the Waves.

6 letter words containing wav

  • p-wave — a longitudinal earthquake wave that travels through the interior of the earth and is usually the first conspicuous wave to be recorded by a seismograph.
  • wavellArchibald Percival, 1st Earl, 1883–1950, British field marshal and author: viceroy of India 1943–47.
  • wavers — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of waver.
  • wavery — Tending to waver; uncertain or hesitant.
  • wavier — curving alternately in opposite directions; undulating: a wavy course; wavy hair.

7 letter words containing wav

  • -waving — waving the thing specified
  • airwave — a channel for broadcasting radio or television signals
  • newwave — A graphical user interface and object-oriented environment from Hewlett-Packard, based on Windows and available on Unix workstations.
  • pv-wave — (graphics, tool)   (Precision Visuals' Workstation Analysis and Visualization Environment) Interactive scientific visualisation software originally from Precision Visuals, Inc., but now owned by Visual Numerics, Inc. (VNI).
  • wavelet — a small wave; ripple.

8 letter words containing wav

  • airwaves — The airwaves is used to refer to the activity of broadcasting on radio and television. For example, if someone says something over the airwaves, they say it on the radio or television.
  • handwave — [possibly from gestures characteristic of stage magicians] To gloss over a complex point; to distract a listener; to support a (possibly actually valid) point with blatantly faulty logic. If someone starts a sentence with "Clearly..." or "Obviously..." or "It is self-evident that...", it is a good bet he is about to handwave (alternatively, use of these constructions in a sarcastic tone before a paraphrase of someone else's argument suggests that it is a handwave). The theory behind this term is that if you wave your hands at the right moment, the listener may be sufficiently distracted to not notice that what you have said is wrong. Failing that, if a listener does object, you might try to dismiss the objection with a wave of your hand. The use of this word is often accompanied by gestures: both hands up, palms forward, swinging the hands in a vertical plane pivoting at the elbows and/or shoulders (depending on the magnitude of the handwave); alternatively, holding the forearms in one position while rotating the hands at the wrist to make them flutter. In context, the gestures alone can suffice as a remark; if a speaker makes an outrageously unsupported assumption, you might simply wave your hands in this way, as an accusation, far more eloquent than words could express, that his logic is faulty.
  • heatwave — period of hot weather
  • longwave — (of radio waves) Having a wavelength of greater than 1000 meters.
  • newwaver — a member of a new wave

9 letter words containing wav

  • brainwave — If you have a brainwave, you suddenly have a clever idea.
  • crimewave — a period of increased criminal activity
  • grey-wave — denoting a company or an investment that is potentially profitable but is unlikely to fulfil expectations before the investor has grey hair
  • heatwaves — Plural form of heatwave.
  • lightwave — A wave of light.

10 letter words containing wav

  • flag-waver — a person who signals by waving a flag.
  • lightwaves — Plural form of lightwave.
  • mediumwave — Of radio waves, having a wavelength of approximately 100 to 1000 meters.
  • microwaved — Simple past tense and past participle of microwave.
  • microwaves — an electromagnetic wave of extremely high frequency, 1 GH 3 or more, and having wavelengths of from 1 mm to 30 cm.

11 letter words containing wav

  • alpha-waves — a pattern of slow brain waves (alpha waves) in normal persons at rest with closed eyes, thought by some to be associated with an alert but daydreaming mind.
  • flag-waving — an ostentatiously emotional display of patriotism or factionalism.
  • hand-waving — insubstantial words, arguments, gestures, or actions used in an attempt to explain or persuade.
  • microwaving — Present participle of microwave.
  • wavelengths — Plural form of wavelength.

12 letter words containing wav

  • microwavable — Of food, that is suitable for cooking in a microwave oven.
  • unwaveringly — to sway to and fro; flutter: Foliage wavers in the breeze.
  • wave-and-pay — relating to a payment system that uses RFID technology to allow a customer to pay for goods by passing a card in front of a sensor
  • wavefunction — (physics) A mathematical function that describes the propagation of the quantum mechanical wave associated with a particle (or system of particles), related to the probability of finding the particle in a particular region of space.
  • waveringness — The quality or state of wavering.

13 letter words containing wav

15 letter words containing wav

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