Words containing waterm

8 letter words containing waterm

  • waterman — a person who manages or works on a boat; boatman.
  • watermen — Plural form of waterman.

9 letter words containing waterm

  • watermark — a mark indicating the height to which water rises or has risen, as in a river or inlet.
  • watermeal — any of several tiny floating aquatic plants of the genus Wolffia.
  • watermill — A mill (for whatever purpose) powered by water.
  • watermint — Alternative spelling of water mint.

10 letter words containing waterm

  • watermarks — Plural form of watermark.
  • watermelon — the large, roundish or elongated fruit of a trailing vine, Citrullus lanata, of the gourd family, having a hard, green rind and a sweet, juicy, usually pink or red pulp.

11 letter words containing waterm

  • watermarked — Simple past tense and past participle of watermark.
  • watermelons — Plural form of watermelon.

12 letter words containing waterm

  • deepwaterman — a ship that goes far out to sea and into deep water
  • watermanship — the skill, duties, business, etc., of a waterman.
  • watermarking — Present participle of watermark.

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