Words containing wack

4 letter words containing wack

5 letter words containing wack

  • swack — a hard blow
  • wacke — a poorly sorted sandstone containing fragments of rock and minerals in a clayey matrix.
  • wacko — Also, wack. an eccentric, strange, or odd person.
  • wacks — Plural form of wack.
  • wacky — odd or irrational; crazy: They had some wacky plan for selling more books.

6 letter words containing wack

  • thwack — to strike or beat vigorously with something flat; whack.
  • wacker — wacko.
  • wackos — Plural form of wacko.

7 letter words containing wack

  • nowacki — ErrorTitleDiv {.
  • swacked — in a state of intoxication, stupor, or euphoria induced by drugs or alcohol
  • wackest — wacko.
  • wackier — Comparative form of wacky.
  • wackily — In a way or to an extent that is wacky.

8 letter words containing wack

  • bethwack — to strike hard with a flat object
  • wackiest — Superlative form of wacky.

9 letter words containing wack

  • antwackie — old-fashioned
  • graywacke — Geology. a dark-gray coarse-grained wacke.
  • greywacke — Geology. a dark-gray coarse-grained wacke.
  • wackiness — odd or irrational; crazy: They had some wacky plan for selling more books.

10 letter words containing wack

  • chilliwack — city in S British Columbia, Canada: pop. 60,000
  • wacked-out — whacked-out.
  • wackyparse — (Internet, slang) In Kibology, the practice of misreading text to humorous effect (perhaps deliberately), especially in line with traditional absurdist humor.
  • willywacks — willowwacks.

11 letter words containing wack

  • wackadoodle — (slang, pejorative) Crazy, irrational, or eccentric.
  • willowwacks — a wooded, uninhabited area.

12 letter words containing wack

  • wackyparsing — (Internet, slang) present participle of wackyparse.

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