Words containing vac

3 letter words containing vac

  • vac — vacuum cleaner.

4 letter words containing vac

  • evac — Evacuation.
  • hvac — heating, ventilating, and air conditioning

5 letter words containing vac

  • javac — (computing) Java compiler.
  • kovac — Michal [mi-khahl] /ˈmɪ xɑl/ (Show IPA), born 1930, president of Slovakia 1993–98.
  • vacay — a vacation.
  • vacua — a plural of vacuum.

6 letter words containing vac

  • univac — (processor, company)   A brand of computer. There is a historical placard in the United States Census Bureau that has the following, "The Bureau of the Census dedicated the world's first electronic general purpose data processing computer, UNIVAC I, on June 14, 1951. Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation". The Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation designed and built Univac. Over the years, rights to the Univac name changed hands several times. Circa 1987, Sperry Univac merged with the Burroughs Corporation to form Unisys Corporation.
  • vacant — having no contents; empty; void: a vacant niche.
  • vacate — to give up possession or occupancy of: to vacate an apartment.
  • vachel — a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “little cow.”.
  • vacuum — a space entirely devoid of matter.

7 letter words containing vac

  • autovac — a vacuum pump found in the petrol tank of a car
  • avacado — Misspelling of avocado.
  • casevac — to evacuate (a casualty) from a combat zone, usually by air
  • evacate — (obsolete) To empty.
  • evacuee — A person evacuated from a place of danger to somewhere safe.

8 letter words containing vac

  • casevacs — Plural form of casevac.
  • clavacin — patulin.
  • devachan — The place where gods abide, the
  • evacuant — A medicine that induces some kind of bodily discharge, such as an emetic, a sudorific, or especially a laxative.
  • evacuate — Remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safe place.

9 letter words containing vac

  • carvacrol — the aromatic phenol C10H14O, found in plants of the mint family and used as a fungicide, as an antiseptic, and as a scent in perfumes
  • evacuated — Having had population removed, by evacuation.
  • evacuates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of evacuate.
  • invacuate — To confine (people) to a closed area in an emergency situation.
  • larvacean — Any of various solitary, free-swimming tunicates of the class Larvacea.

10 letter words containing vac

  • bioprivacy — the state of freedom from others having unauthorized access to biometric data about oneself
  • casevacked — Simple past tense and past participle of casevac.
  • cuernavaca — a city in S central Mexico, capital of Morelos state: resort with nearby Cacahuamilpa Caverns. Pop: 723 000 (2005 est)
  • curvaceous — If someone describes a woman as curvaceous, they think she is attractive because of the curves of her body.
  • curvacious — pleasingly curved

11 letter words containing vac

  • antivaccine — Opposed to vaccination.
  • bupivacaine — a local anaesthetic of long duration, used for nerve blocks
  • chichivache — (in early English literature) a mythical animal, usually depicted as a cow verging on starvation, that existed solely by devouring virtuous women.
  • evacuations — Plural form of evacuation.
  • non-vacuous — without contents; empty: the vacuous air.

12 letter words containing vac

  • disprivacied — deprived of privacy
  • postvaccinal — occurring after a vaccine
  • unvaccinated — to inoculate with the vaccine of cowpox so as to render the subject immune to smallpox.
  • vacationland — an area having recreational facilities, historic or picturesque sights, etc., that attract vacationists.

13 letter words containing vac

14 letter words containing vac

  • curvaceousness — the quality of having an attractively curved figure

15 letter words containing vac

18 letter words containing vac

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