Words containing ulo

4 letter words containing ulo

  • culo — the buttocks.

5 letter words containing ulo

  • aulos — an ancient Greek woodwind instrument with a double reed, similar to an oboe
  • bulow — Prince Bernhard von (ˈbɛrnhart fɔn). 1849–1929, chancellor of Germany (1900–09)
  • chulo — a dandified or effeminate man.

6 letter words containing ulo

  • -ulose — characterized by, marked by
  • -ulous — tending to, full of, characterized by
  • brulot — a biting crane fly
  • eulogy — A speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, typically someone who has just died.
  • modulo — with respect to a modulus: 6 is congruent to 11, modulo 5.

7 letter words containing ulo

  • caulome — the stem structure of a plant considered as a whole
  • couloir — a deep gully on a mountain side, esp in the French Alps
  • coulomb — Charles Augustin de (ʃarl oɡystɛ̃ də). 1736–1806, French physicist: made many discoveries in the field of electricity and magnetism
  • culotte — a pair of culottes
  • dulosis — the enslavement of an ant colony or its members by ants of a different species.

8 letter words containing ulo

  • angulose — having angles
  • angulous — angular or having angles
  • annulose — (of earthworms, crustaceans, and similar animals) having a body formed of a series of rings; segmented
  • bibulous — addicted to alcohol
  • boulogne — a port in N France, on the English Channel. Pop: 45 036 (2006)

9 letter words containing ulo

  • abcoulomb — the cgs unit of electric charge in the electromagnetic system; the charge per second passing any cross section of a conductor through which a steady current of 1 abampere is flowing: equivalent to 10 coulombs
  • acidulous — rather sour
  • aulophyte — a free-living plant growing on or in another plant.
  • barfulous — /bar'fyoo-l*s/ (Or "barfucious", /bar-fyoo-sh*s/) Said of something that would make anyone barf, if only for aesthetic reasons.
  • calculose — calculous

10 letter words containing ulo

  • abcoulombs — Plural form of abcoulomb.
  • cellulosic — of or made from cellulose
  • coulometer — an electrolytic cell for measuring the magnitude of an electric charge by determining the total amount of decomposition resulting from the passage of the charge through the cell
  • coulometry — a method used in quantitative analysis, whereby the amount of a substance set free or deposited during electrolysis is determined by measuring the number of coulombs that passed through the electrolyte.
  • doulocracy — Government by slaves.

11 letter words containing ulo

  • acidulously — In a acidulous manner; in a mildly sour or acid way.
  • agranulosis — (rare) agranulocytosis.
  • ambulocetus — A large carnivorous amphibian (Ambulocetus natans).
  • baculovirus — any of a family of viruses that attack insects and other arthropods, used as biological pesticides
  • capsulotomy — (surgery) incision into a capsule, especially into the lens of the eye when removing cataracts.

12 letter words containing ulo

  • agranulocyte — a white blood cell without granules in its cytoplasm
  • animalculous — a minute or microscopic animal, nearly or quite invisible to the naked eye, as an infusorian or rotifer.
  • cellulolytic — relating to or causing the hydrolysis of the complex carbohydrate cellulose
  • chylocaulous — having fleshy stems.
  • crepusculous — Alternative form of crepuscular.

13 letter words containing ulo

  • acidulousness — A state of or tendency toward being acidulous or somewhat sour or acid.
  • cellulose-gum — a white, water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose, used as a coating and sizing for paper and textiles, a stabilizer for various foods, and an appetite suppressor.
  • ceruloplasmin — a protein responsible for copper detoxification, found in the blood
  • crapulousness — The state or quality of being crapulous.
  • credulousness — willing to believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence; gullible.

14 letter words containing ulo

  • diverticulosis — the presence of saclike herniations of the mucosal layer of the colon through the muscular wall, common among older persons and usually producing no symptoms except occasional rectal bleeding.
  • eulogistically — In the form or manner of a eulogy; with praise.
  • granulomatosis — any disease characterized by the formation of numerous granulomas.
  • granulopoietin — a hormone that promotes the production of white blood cells.
  • hemicelluloses — Plural form of hemicellulose.

15 letter words containing ulo

  • agranulocytosis — a serious and sometimes fatal illness characterized by a marked reduction of leucocytes, usually caused by hypersensitivity to certain drugs
  • alpha-cellulose — a refined, insoluble form of cellulose derived from cotton or wood pulp, and used in manufacturing
  • antituberculous — (medicine) Acting to combat or counteract tuberculosis.
  • coulometrically — in a coulometric manner
  • ghetto-fabulous — pertaining to or noting a lifestyle of showy but superficial glamour and luxury that is sometimes adopted by people in or from an urban ghetto: That man is just ghetto-fabulous; his bling wears bling!

16 letter words containing ulo

  • boulogne-sur-mer — a port in N France, on the English Channel. Pop: 44 859 (1999)
  • granulocytopenia — a diminished number of granulocytes in the blood, which occurs in certain forms of anaemia
  • musculocutaneous — of, relating to, or supplying the muscles and skin
  • paratuberculosis — Johne's disease.
  • toulouse-lautrec — Henri Marie Raymond de [ahn-ree ma-ree re-mawn duh] /ɑ̃ˈri maˈri rɛˈmɔ̃ də/ (Show IPA), 1864–1901, French painter and lithographer.

18 letter words containing ulo

  • boulogne-sur-seine — an industrial suburb of SW Paris. Pop: 106 367 (1999)
  • glomerulonephritis — a kidney disease affecting the capillaries of the glomeruli, characterized by albuminuria, edema, and hypertension.
  • pseudotuberculosis — an acute, sometimes fatal disease of rodents, birds, and other animals, including humans, caused by the bacterium Yersinia (Pasteurella) pseudotuberculosis, and characterized by the formation of nodules resembling those that result from tuberculosis.

19 letter words containing ulo

20 letter words containing ulo

22 letter words containing ulo

  • carboxymethylcellulose — a white, water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose, used as a coating and sizing for paper and textiles, a stabilizer for various foods, and an appetite suppressor.

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