Words containing tro

5 letter words containing tro

  • intro — an introduction.
  • metro — the underground electric railway of Paris, France, Montreal, Canada, Washington, D.C., and other cities.
  • nitro — Chemistry. containing the nitro group.
  • outro — The concluding section of a piece of music or a radio or television program.
  • petro — of or relating to petroleum or the petroleum industry.

6 letter words containing tro

  • antron — a strong, shiny, silklike nylon fiber made into clothing, carpet, upholstery fabric, etc.
  • astro- — Astro- is used to form words which refer to things relating to the stars or to outer space.
  • bistro — A bistro is a small, informal restaurant or a bar where food is served.
  • castro — Fidel (fɪˈdɛl; Spanish fiˈðɛl). full name Fidel Castro Ruz. 1927–2016, Cuban revolutionary and statesman: led the communist overthrow of the Batista dictatorship in 1959; prime minister (1959–76), president (1976–2008)
  • centro — a city in S California.

7 letter words containing tro

  • astroid — a hypocycloid having four cusps
  • astrol. — astrological
  • atrophy — If a muscle or other part of the body atrophies, it decreases in size or strength, often as a result of an illness.
  • atropos — the one of the three Fates who severs the thread of life
  • austro- — Austro- combines with adjectives indicating nationality to form adjectives which describe something connected with Austria and another country.

8 letter words containing tro

  • accutron — a type of watch in which the balance wheel and hairspring are replaced by a tuning fork kept in vibration by a tiny internal battery
  • angstrom — a unit of length equal to 10–10 metre, used principally to express the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiations. It is equivalent to 0.1 nanometre
  • antrorse — directed or pointing upwards or forwards
  • apastron — the point at which the stars of a binary system are farthest apart (opposed to periastron).
  • atrocity — An atrocity is a very cruel, shocking action.

9 letter words containing tro

  • albatross — An albatross is a very large white seabird.
  • allotrope — any of two or more physical forms in which an element can exist
  • allotropy — the existence of an element in two or more physical forms. The most common elements having this property are carbon, sulphur, and phosphorus
  • ametropia — loss of ability to focus images on the retina, caused by an imperfection in the refractive function of the eye
  • anestrous — not showing estrus.

10 letter words containing tro

  • abiotrophy — the progressive degeneration of tissues, cells, etc
  • alabastron — a jar characteristically having an elongated shape, narrow neck, flat-rimmed mouth, and rounded base requiring a stand or support, chiefly used for fragrant ointments.
  • allotropic — of or characterized by allotropy
  • amyotrophy — wasting of muscles, caused by disease of the nerves supplying them
  • anastrophe — reversal of the usual order of the parts of a sentence; inversion (Ex.: “Came the dawn”)

11 letter words containing tro

  • aeolotropic — anisotropic
  • aerotropism — the growth of plants towards or away from a source of oxygen
  • agastrophus — a son of Paeon who was slain by Diomedes.
  • allotropism — a property of certain elements, as carbon, sulfur, and phosphorus, of existing in two or more distinct forms; allomorphism.
  • allotropous — (of flowers) having the nectar accessible to any species of insect

12 letter words containing tro

  • alstroemeria — any plant of the tuberous perennial liliaceous genus Alstroemeria, originally S American, grown for their brightly coloured orchid-like flowers
  • ambidextrous — Someone who is ambidextrous can use both their right hand and their left hand equally skilfully.
  • ambisextrous — Informal. sexually attracted to both sexes; bisexual. used by or suitable for either sex; unisex: ambisextrous hair styles.
  • amphitropous — (of a plant ovule) partially inverted so that the base and the micropyle at the apex are the same distance from the funicle
  • anemotropism — orientation in response to a current of air.

13 letter words containing tro

  • anisometropia — an imbalance in the power of the two eyes to refract light
  • anisometropic — relating to anisometropia
  • apheliotropic — growing in a direction away from the sunlight
  • apogeotropism — negative geotropism, as shown by plant stems
  • astrodynamics — the study of the motion of natural and artificial bodies in space

14 letter words containing tro

  • ambisinistrous — clumsy or unskillful with both hands.
  • antiretroviral — inhibiting the process by which a retrovirus replicates
  • apheliotropism — a tendency of certain plants to turn away from the sun; negative heliotropism
  • astrochemistry — the study of the chemistry of celestial bodies and space, esp by means of spectroscopy
  • astronomically — of, relating to, or connected with astronomy.

15 letter words containing tro

  • anisotropically — Physics. of unequal physical properties along different axes. Compare isotropic (def 1).
  • archeoastronomy — the branch of archaeology that deals with the apparent use by prehistoric civilizations of astronomical techniques to establish the seasons or the cycle of the year, especially as evidenced in the construction of megaliths and other ritual structures.
  • astronavigation — celestial navigation
  • astrophotometry — the measurement of the intensity of light of celestial objects.
  • bioastronautics — the study of the effects of space flight on living organisms

16 letter words containing tro

  • archaeoastronomy — the scientific study of the beliefs and practices concerning astronomy that existed in ancient and prehistoric civilizations
  • astroarchaeology — archaeoastronomy.
  • astrometeorology — the study of the theoretical effects of astronomical bodies and forces on the earth's atmosphere.
  • astrophotography — the photography of celestial bodies used in astronomy
  • austro-hungarian — of or relating to the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary (1867–1918)

17 letter words containing tro

  • acoustoelectronic — denoting a device in which electronic signals are converted into acoustic waves, esp in delay lines, etc
  • bioelectrogenesis — the production of electricity by organisms.
  • dextroamphetamine — a dextrorotatory amphetamine, used to suppress appetite
  • gastroenterostomy — the making of a new passage between the stomach and the duodenum (gastroduodenostomy) or, especially, the jejunum (gastrojejunostomy)
  • gastrojejunostomy — See under gastroenterostomy.

18 letter words containing tro

  • controllable-pitch — (of a marine or aircraft propeller) having blades whose pitch can be changed during navigation or flight; variable-pitch.
  • controlled-release — A controlled-release drug or preparation is released into the body in specified amounts over a specified period of time.
  • diethylstilbestrol — a nonsteroidal synthetic estrogen, C 18 H 20 O 2 , used in medicine chiefly in the treatment of menopausal symptoms and in animal feeds for chemical caponization: formerly used during pregnancy for the prevention of miscarriage but discontinued owing to its association with an increased risk of vaginal and cervical cancers in women having had fetal exposure. Abbreviation: DES.
  • gastroduodenostomy — See under gastroenterostomy.
  • gastroenterologist — the study of the structure, functions, and diseases of digestive organs.

19 letter words containing tro

20 letter words containing tro

  • adrenocorticotrophic — stimulating the adrenal cortex
  • belgorod-dnestrovski — a port in SW Ukraine, on the Dniester estuary: belonged to Romania from 1918 until 1940; under Soviet rule (1944–91). Pop: 48 100 (2004 est)
  • belgorod-dnestrovsky — a seaport in SW Ukraine, on the Black Sea.
  • microelectrophoresis — any of several techniques for observing, by means of a microscope or an ultramicroscope, the electrophoresis of minute surface particles.
  • spectrophotoelectric — pertaining to the relationship between the wavelength of the incident radiation and the number of electrons released by a photoelectric substance.

21 letter words containing tro

22 letter words containing tro

  • microspectrophotometer — a spectrophotometer for examining light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by minute objects.
  • microspectrophotometry — a spectrophotometer for examining light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by minute objects.
  • spectrophotometrically — an instrument for making photometric comparisons between parts of spectra.

23 letter words containing tro

  • astronomical-refraction — Physics. the change of direction of a ray of light, sound, heat, or the like, in passing obliquely from one medium into another in which its wave velocity is different.
  • pentachloronitrobenzene — a crystalline compound, C 6 Cl 5 NO 2 , used as an herbicide and insecticide. Abbreviation: PCNB.

27 letter words containing tro

  • introgressive-hybridization — the introduction of genes from one species into the gene pool of another species, occurring when matings between the two produce fertile hybrids.

29 letter words containing tro

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