Words containing trai

5 letter words containing trai

  • traik — to become ill or lose one's good health.
  • trail — to drag or let drag along the ground or other surface; draw or drag along behind.
  • train — Railroads. a self-propelled, connected group of rolling stock.
  • trait — a distinguishing characteristic or quality, especially of one's personal nature: bad traits of character.

6 letter words containing trai

  • strain — to draw tight or taut, especially to the utmost tension; stretch to the full: to strain a rope.
  • strait — Often, straits. (used with a singular verb) a narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water.

7 letter words containing trai

  • detrain — to leave or cause to leave a railway train, as passengers, etc
  • entrail — (archaic) To interweave or bind.
  • entrain — Board a train.
  • extrait — an extract, esp in perfumery
  • retrain — to train again, especially for a different vocation or different tasks.

8 letter words containing trai

  • -trained — having been trained by a specified person or organization
  • contrail — a white trail of condensed water vapor that sometimes forms in the wake of an aircraft; vapor trail
  • contrair — contrary
  • courtrai — a town in W Belgium, in West Flanders on the Lys River: the largest producer of linen in W Europe. Pop: 73 984 (2004 est)
  • detrains — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of detrain.

9 letter words containing trai

  • aerotrain — a high-speed train driven by a fan jet engine
  • cat-train — a train of sleds, cabooses, etc, pulled by a caterpillar tractor, used chiefly in the north during winter to transport freight
  • chemtrail — A contrail consisting of chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes, according to certain conspiracy theories.
  • constrain — To constrain someone or something means to limit their development or force them to behave in a particular way.
  • contrails — Plural form of contrail.

10 letter words containing trai

  • back-trail — to backtrack.
  • breastrail — the upper rail of any parapet on a ship
  • constrains — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of constrain.
  • constraint — A constraint is something that limits or controls what you can do.
  • detraining — to alight from a railway train; arrive by train.

11 letter words containing trai

  • archtraitor — A chief or transcendent traitor.
  • constrained — embarrassed, unnatural, or forced
  • constraints — limitation or restriction.
  • cross-train — to train (a worker, athlete, etc.) to be proficient at different, usually related, skills, tasks, jobs, etc.
  • detrainment — The act of detraining.

12 letter words containing trai

  • constraineth — Archaic third-person singular form of constrain.
  • constraining — Present participle of constrain.
  • distrainable — Capable of being, or liable to be, distrained.
  • entrainement — the occurrence of one species of bacteria growing close to another acquiring characteristics of the other
  • housetrained — Simple past tense and past participle of housetrain.

13 letter words containing trai

14 letter words containing trai

  • constraintlisp — (language)   An object-oriented constraint language based on CSP. An extension of Common Lisp and CLOS.
  • contraindicate — to advise against or indicate the possible danger of (a drug, treatment, etc)
  • disentrainment — the act of discharging troops from a train
  • florida-strait — a state in the SE United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. 58,560 sq. mi. (151,670 sq. km). Capital: Tallahassee. Abbreviation: FL (for use with zip code), Fla.
  • irrestrainable — That cannot be restrained.

15 letter words containing trai

  • contraindicated — not advisable because of contraindications
  • intraindividual — Occurring within an individual.
  • straight-acting — (of a gay person) having the mannerisms of a heterosexual person: used esp by gay people of other gay people
  • straight-backed — having a straight, usually high, back: a straight-backed chair.
  • straightforward — going or directed straight ahead: a straightforward gaze.

16 letter words containing trai

  • contraindicating — Present participle of contraindicate.
  • contraindication — Contraindications are specific medical reasons for not using a particular treatment for a medical condition in the usual way.
  • contraindicative — Serving as a contraindication.
  • strait-lacedness — the state or quality of being strait-laced

17 letter words containing trai

19 letter words containing trai

26 letter words containing trai

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