Words containing tm

2 letter words containing tm

  • tm — 1. Turing Machine. 2. A formal database specification language.

3 letter words containing tm

  • atm — An ATM is a machine built into the wall of a bank or other building, which allows people to take out money from their bank account by using a special card. ATM is an abbreviation for 'automated teller machine'.
  • etm — (database)   An active DBMS from the University of Karlsruhe.
  • rtm — 1. [Usenet] Read The Manual. Politer variant of RTFM. 2. Robert T. Morris Jr. The perpetrator of the great Internet worm of 1988 (see Great Worm); villain to many, naive hacker gone wrong to a few. Morris claimed that the worm that brought the Internet to its knees was a benign experiment that got out of control as the result of a coding error. After the storm of negative publicity that followed this blunder, Morris's user name on ITS was hacked from RTM to RTFM.
  • stm — Master of Sacred Theology
  • tmg — TransMoGrifier. An early language for writing recursive descent compilers. It was macroed from the IBM 1604 to the IBM 709 to the IBM 7094 to the GE-635, where it was used by McIlroy and Morris to write the EPL compiler for Multics.

4 letter words containing tm

  • (tm) — (legal)   (Trademark) An ASCII rendition of the trademark superscript symbol, appended to phrases that the author feels should be recorded for posterity. It is often used ironically as a form of protest against software patents, algorithm patents and "look and feel" lawsuits.
  • astm — American Society for Testing and Materials
  • atma — the principle of life.
  • atmo — (physics, dated) The standard atmospheric pressure used in certain physical measurements and calculations; conventionally, that pressure under which the barometer stands at 760 millimeters, at a temperature of 0° Centigrade, at the level of the sea, and in the latitude of Paris.
  • atmp — Asynchronous Transfer Mode

5 letter words containing tm

  • astms — Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs
  • atman — the personal soul or self; the thinking principle as manifested in consciousness
  • atmen — the principle of life.
  • atmo- — air or vapour
  • atmos — Plural form of atmo.

6 letter words containing tm

  • altman — Robert. US film director, 1925–2006; his films include M*A*S*H (1970), Nashville (1975), Short Cuts (1994), and Gosford Park (2001)
  • amtman — a magistrate or bailiff in parts of Europe
  • batman — In the British armed forces, an officer's batman is his personal servant.
  • batmen — a soldier assigned to an officer as a servant.
  • bitmap — A bitmap is a type of graphics file on a computer.

7 letter words containing tm

  • aftmost — furthest aft; furthest towards the rear; rearmost
  • altmode — alt
  • anatman — (in Theravada Buddhism) the belief that since all things are constantly changing, there can be no such thing as a permanent, unchanging self: one of the three basic characteristics of existence
  • beltman — (formerly) the member of a beach life-saving team who swam out with a line attached to his belt
  • boatman — A boatman is a man who is paid by people to take them across an area of water in a small boat, or a man who hires boats out to them for a short time.

8 letter words containing tm

  • abetment — to encourage, support, or countenance by aid or approval, usually in wrongdoing: to abet a swindler; to abet a crime.
  • abutment — the state or process of abutting
  • atmology — the study of or the scientific discipline of aqueous vapour
  • atmolyse — to separate gases, which have differing degrees of diffusibility, by filtering
  • bultmann — Rudolf Karl. 1884–1976, German theologian, noted for his demythologizing approach to the New Testament

9 letter words containing tm

  • abortment — (obsolete) Abortion. (Attested from the early 17th century until the late 19th century.).
  • abutments — Plural form of abutment.
  • agistment — the act of agisting
  • allotment — In Britain, an allotment is a small area of land in a town which a person rents to grow plants and vegetables on.
  • apartment — An apartment is a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a large building.

10 letter words containing tm

  • acquitment — a verdict of not guilty; an acquittal
  • adjustment — An adjustment is a small change that is made to something such as a machine or a way of doing something.
  • alightment — a descent or dismount, normally from a mode of transport
  • allotments — Plural form of allotment.
  • anointment — to rub or sprinkle on; apply an unguent, ointment, or oily liquid to.

11 letter words containing tm

  • adjustments — Plural form of adjustment.
  • aircraftman — a serviceman of the most junior rank in the RAF
  • aircraftmen — Plural form of aircraftman.
  • apartmental — relating to an apartment
  • appointment — The appointment of a person to a particular job is the choice of that person to do it.

12 letter words containing tm

  • absentminded — so lost in thought that one does not realize what one is doing, what is happening, etc.; preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one's immediate surroundings.
  • adjustmental — relating to adjustment
  • affrightment — the act of causing fear or alarm
  • apartmentize — to build apartments on or in: to apartmentize the downtown area.
  • appointments — Plural form of appointment.

13 letter words containing tm

  • affreightment — a contract hiring a ship to carry goods
  • atmospherical — pertaining to, existing in, or consisting of the atmosphere: atmospheric vapors.
  • cabinetmakers — Plural form of cabinetmaker.
  • cabinetmaking — the manufacture of fine furniture and other woodwork.
  • carpetmuncher — Alternative form of carpet muncher.

14 letter words containing tm

  • absentmindedly — so lost in thought that one does not realize what one is doing, what is happening, etc.; preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one's immediate surroundings.
  • aftertreatment — a method or device for reducing harmful emissions from internal-combustion engines before they are released into the atmosphere, for example a filter or a catalytic converter
  • christmasberry — toyon.
  • concertmasters — Plural form of concertmaster.
  • departmentally — In a departmental manner; affecting departments.

15 letter words containing tm

  • anticipointment — (rare) The state of mind resulting from excitedly anticipating a strongly promoted product, event, film, etc, and then being disappointed when it fails to meet the expectations generated by this promotion.
  • atmospherically — pertaining to, existing in, or consisting of the atmosphere: atmospheric vapors.
  • concertmistress — the first violinist in an orchestra
  • departmentalism — division into departments, esp when resulting in impaired efficiency
  • departmentalize — to organize into departments, esp excessively

16 letter words containing tm

  • absentmindedness — Alternative form of absent-mindedness.
  • anticippointment — (informal, rare) A feeling of anticipation followed by disappointment.
  • compartmentalise — to divide into categories or compartments.
  • compartmentalize — To compartmentalize something means to divide it into separate sections.
  • compartmentation — subdivision of a hull into spaces enclosed by watertight bulkheads and sometimes by watertight decks.

17 letter words containing tm

18 letter words containing tm

19 letter words containing tm

20 letter words containing tm

21 letter words containing tm

22 letter words containing tm

23 letter words containing tm

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