Words containing tba

3 letter words containing tba

  • tba — tba is sometimes written in announcements to indicate that something such as the place where something will happen or the people who will take part is not yet known and will be announced at a later date. tba is an abbreviation for 'to be announced'.

4 letter words containing tba

  • wtba — Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association

6 letter words containing tba

  • atbara — a town in NE Sudan. Pop: 110 000 (2005 est)
  • kitbag — a small bag or knapsack, as for a soldier.
  • nutbag — (informal) An odd, eccentric or insane person.
  • nutbar — Crazy, eccentric.
  • outbar — to keep out

7 letter words containing tba

  • cutback — A cutback is a reduction that is made in something.
  • cutbank — the outer, steeper bank of a bend or meander in a river or stream
  • dirtbag — Slang. a filthy or contemptible person.
  • dustbag — The bag inside a vacuum cleaner where collected dust is stored.
  • fatback — Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. the fat and fat meat from the upper part of a side of pork, usually cured by salt.

8 letter words containing tba

  • cutbacks — Plural form of cutback.
  • dirtbags — Plural form of dirtbag.
  • dirtball — (slang, derogatory) A dirty or sleazy person.
  • dustball — A ball of dust.
  • fastback — a form of back for an automobile body consisting of a single, unbroken convex curve from the top to the rear bumper.

9 letter words containing tba

  • carpetbag — a travelling bag originally made of carpeting
  • countback — a system of deciding the winner of a tied competition by comparing earlier points or scores
  • eightball — (in pool) the black ball, marked with the number eight
  • fastbacks — Plural form of fastback.
  • fastballs — Plural form of fastball.

10 letter words containing tba

  • basketball — Basketball is a game in which two teams of five players each try to score goals by throwing a large ball through a circular net fixed to a metal ring at each end of the court.
  • carpetbags — Plural form of carpetbag.
  • fastballer — (baseball) One who pitches fastballs.
  • footballer — a football player, especially a member of a college or professional team.
  • outbalance — to outweigh.

11 letter words containing tba

  • basketballs — Plural form of basketball.
  • footballing — a game in which two opposing teams of 11 players each defend goals at opposite ends of a field having goal posts at each end, with points being scored chiefly by carrying the ball across the opponent's goal line and by place-kicking or drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar between the opponent's goal posts. Compare conversion (def 13), field goal (def 1), safety (def 6), touchdown.
  • footballist — Lb dated A football player.
  • mountbatten — Louis (Francis Albert Victor Nicholas), 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma 1900–79, British naval commander; great-grandson of Queen Victoria. During World War II he was supreme allied commander in SE Asia (1943–46). He was the last viceroy of India (1947) and governor general (1947–48); killed by an IRA bomb
  • outbalanced — Simple past tense and past participle of outbalance.

12 letter words containing tba

  • basketballer — (informal) A basketball player; a person who plays basketball.
  • carpetbagged — Simple past tense and past participle of carpetbag.
  • carpetbagger — If you call someone a carpetbagger, you disapprove of them because they are trying to become a politician in an area which is not their home, simply because they think they are more likely to succeed there.
  • marketbasket — a selected list of goods and services, usually food and household items regarded as typifying consumer spending over a given time, used to measure the cost of living
  • outbalancing — Present participle of outbalance.

13 letter words containing tba

  • carpetbaggers — U.S. History. a Northerner who went to the South after the Civil War and became active in Republican politics, especially so as to profiteer from the unsettled social and political conditions of the area during Reconstruction.
  • carpetbaggery — the practice of being a carpetbagger
  • carpetbagging — relating to carpetbaggers or to the practice of carpetbaggers

17 letter words containing tba

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