Words containing stome

6 letter words containing stome

  • -stome — indicating a mouth or opening resembling a mouth

7 letter words containing stome

  • distome — a genus of digenetic parasitic flatworms having two suckers, one ventral and the other oral
  • mestome — conducting tissue associated with parenchyma

8 letter words containing stome

  • customed — accustomed; inured
  • customer — You can use customer in expressions such as a cool customer or a tough customer to indicate what someone's behaviour or character is like.
  • epistome — (zoology) a mouth-covering lobe or ridge in bryozoans and phoronids.

9 letter words containing stome

  • customers — A person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business.
  • cytostome — the mouth of a protozoan.
  • elastomer — A natural or synthetic polymer having elastic properties, e.g., rubber.
  • hypostome — any of several parts or organs of the mouth, as the labrum of a crustacean.
  • melastome — any of various tropical flowering plants of the family Melastomataceae

10 letter words containing stome

  • accustomed — If you are accustomed to something, you know it so well or have experienced it so often that it seems natural, unsurprising, or easy to deal with.
  • blastomere — any of the cells formed by cleavage of a fertilized egg
  • carpostome — the opening in the cystocarp of certain red algae through which the spores are discharged.
  • cyclostome — any primitive aquatic jawless vertebrate of the class Cyclostomata, such as the lamprey and hagfish, having a round sucking mouth and pouchlike gills
  • cystometer — a device for determining the reaction of the urinary bladder to increased internal pressure.

11 letter words containing stome

  • cyclostomes — Plural form of cyclostome.
  • elastomeric — Of, pertaining to, or containing elastomers.
  • gnathostome — (zoology) Any vertebrate with jaws, including amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and most modern fish.
  • nephrostome — Zoology. the ciliated opening of a nephridium into the coelom.
  • noncustomer — a person who is not the customer of a particular establishment, or a person who does not buy a product or service

12 letter words containing stome

  • deuterostome — any member of the major group of animals defined by the fact that during early embryonic development the first opening to form becomes the anus of the animal. The opposite is protostome
  • gnathostomes — Plural form of gnathostome.
  • nephrostomes — Plural form of nephrostome.
  • unaccustomed — not accustomed or habituated: to be unaccustomed to hardships.

13 letter words containing stome

14 letter words containing stome

15 letter words containing stome

  • customer-facing — interacting or communicating directly with customers
  • well-accustomed — customary; usual; habitual: in their accustomed manner.

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